HUSBANDS: What Wives Want Husbands To Do For Them So They Feel Loved

1. Husbands must learn to love us and care for us.
2. Buy us adequate necessities in life.
3. Plan real life with us not to just hear your conclusion with your relatives.
4. Love us, do not be ashamed of us, stand with us.
5. Also give us personal money.
6. Having our own time, me and you. My own spare time.
7. No secrecy, passwords on phones and all.
Happy couple
8. We need attention
9. A man must be a hard worker
10 .Solid communication
11. Responding to my Whatsapp messages and in time
12. Help us with home chores out of love
13. Stop cheating
14. The greatest is to fear God and we worship together
15. Provide basics for the family
16. Coming home early
17. Don't expose my weaknesses and make our weaknesses look bigger like they do have their own
18. Love and care for your kids
19. Have time with us
20. Peace in the home
21. Going out together
22. Admit their failures not hide under us using us as their point to cover their weaknesses
23. Be attentive when we talk not subdivided
24. Not to compare us but appreciate us
25. Take time to talk to us not only when something goes wrong do they have time to speak and be attentive
26. Humour us, we love fun
27. Not make us feel like we have to compete with people in their lives
28. Also make our dreams a priority and support us seeing us shine
29. Love us the more
30. Ladies say the others ...

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