EVERY GIRL MUST READ: Baba Guti's Powerful Words To Girls Of Quality!


Peter knocked at the outer entrance, and a servant named Rhoda came to answer the door. Acts 12:13 New International Version (NIV)

Being a girl, people talk about girl and don't believe what people say about every time know yourself as a girl.

As a girl you are full of power.I want you to know you are full of power. Remember being a woman God created u in a tender way.its because your mind n body is tender. If u tend to believe everything you will fall.

Pray for other things not for man to marry you. Do you think God has forgotten about you? Never push a boy to marry you it will never last long. We don't want you to be so cheap.

They are more girls than boys. Don't put it in your mind when am going to get married. Never stick it in your mind for man to marry you. Put your trust to God.
Baba Guti's Powerful Words To Girls Of Quality!
Fight to have a good name ,it will cause you to have a husband.Today's should fix their eyes to the Lord.
Go to school and find a business on which you will do.
Continue with your education.

Work talents.

Raise your name in good things.those who want to marry you will find you.
Check your friends you go around with you might loose many things.

Keep on learning.
Marriage will come don't hunt it.

Seek yea first the kingdom of God and all things will be added to you.
we must not hunt man but let man hunt you.
Just raise your name that people will hunt you.
Bitterness must go from you.

There was a women with three children who got married to a boy,because she served the Lord.
Relatives will talk why she is not marrying? Don't let anyone push you.
When you have done something. wrong.talk about it warning others not to do it.

Why worry,coz already put something on you that attracts man.
Mama Guti always say we girls we are flowers that attracts man.
Archbishop Ezekiel and Bishop Eunor Guti
Don't get angry all the time, demons will get to u. LAZY GIRLS. There are some lazy girls.
Wash your pants,clothes and spread your beds.
No more lazy girls in Bulawayo.
Doesn't matter its one just wash it.

You know yourself know how many minutes you take a bath etc.
You think you are poor,but you are just lazy.

When selling your goods dress properly,be clean, present your products nicely.
When choosing a business know your area,don't just follow what others are doing.
In business you have to be tough cause you might work for people.
Your business should have rules.

Keep your money because you wil grow to be woman without money.
Money attracts money so learn to save money,have a little money always.
When you run business keep your time
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