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Bishop D.H Mills has written a very insightful book, My Father, My Father. Whilst all these characteristics do not mean one is a father, a father must have all of these:

Proginetor, teacher, discipliner, source of life and DNA, encourager, trustworthy, reliable, has a large heart to forgive, ability to produce sons and daughters, has ability to take care of his own etc.

A spiritual father is a spiritual covering on your life.

According to Paul a person can have only one spiritual father, though many teachers, mentors (1 Cor 4:5). However, in life many fathers can be discerned like:

1. God as heavenly and ultimate Father.
2. Father who brought you to Christ.
3. Biological father.
4. Substitute father who replaces your biological father.
5. Father-in-law.
6. Father of a great movement, like Abraham and others.

Not everyone or not every minister is a father, though all must have a fatherly heart. A father is a rare gift and blessing from God. He is God's extension of His ministry of love and the fatherhood of God on the earth. According to Psalms, fatherlessness is a curse and Malachi tells us that if the hearts of fathers and sons do not come together again, then God will smite the earth with a curse.

When America was led by the fathers of America it prospered beyond all it has ever been. It is a blessing to be fathered.
Bishop Pride Glory Sibiya
Fathers hold the power to bless or curse within them. This is why it is important to honour them Exodus 20:12. They are authorities set on the earth by God, Rom 13:1-2.

A spiritual father is a covering over you. He is like a tree that provides shade on a very hot day. Removal of this covering leaves you like a person leaving in a very beautiful house without a roof. To have such a covering retreaved is the equivalent of being handed over to satan for the buffeting of your body.
If you are in a church, the head of the church is your spiritual father so your tithe must go into the system of the church. If you have your own church then you have to make an effort to look for a spiritual father to submit to and tithe into like Abraham did to Melchizedek.

Signs of sons, daughter:

1. Son resembles father (John 14:9)
2. Son is for good as long as father,mother is following Christ the proper way (John 8:35)
3. Sons trust fathers for everything (Matthew 6:9-13)
4. Son honours father (Malachi 1:6)
5. Sons obey fathers (Ephesians 6:1-3)
6. Sons do what they see fathers doing (John 5:19b)
7. Sons believe in their fathers (Luke 23:46)

The blessing for the son is hidden in the prompt obedience of the father's word. Of-course the Bible tells us to obey our parents, IN THE LORD! We obey when commands are godly because some abuse their God-given authority, like the pastor who was bedding most of his congregants saying God had sent him to bless their marriages.

God forbid! However even when a father errs do not talk ill of them, remember the story of Noah and the son that scorned him. He cursed him though in the first place he was the one who got drunk and naked.

Do you have spiritual covering on your life or you are just open?
Who is your covering?

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