40 Tips For Women To Keep Their Husbands And Marriages

To all married women here is good message for you to keep your marriage solid:

1. Keep yourself clean always,

2. Keep your home clean,

3. Cook clean and nice food for your husband and family,

4. Have time to chart with your husband,

5. Show love to your husband always,

6. Respect your husband,

7. Mind your words when responding to your husband always

8. Make him happy always

9. Show smiling to your husband always
Couple In Love
10. Comfort him in issues and in joy

11. Give a listening ear when he is talking especially when he is annoyed

12. Understand him

13. Tolerate him

14. Accept him

15. Pray for him

16. Trust him

17. Stay close to him always

18. Call him and tell him you are missing him

19. Call him with a new name

20. Surprise him

21. Sing a song of happiness and give glory

22. Do not be a boring woman

23. Appreciate your husband always

24. Dress your husband

25. Avoid moods

26. Keep your husband clean

27. Escort your car to the car or bus station when you go for work

28. Welcome your husband with a hug whenever he returns home and greet him

29. Be a God fearing woman

30. A modest dress

31. Learn to forgive

32. Sit and eat together with your husband
33. Share stories with your husband

34. Ask God to bless your husband

35. Prepare well bathing water always

36. Never make your husband a fool especially in front of your friends always praise him

37. Never use insults when you differ let God be the arbitrator

39. Be a mother to your husband

40. What more dear ladies?

May God bless all of you married always remember to pray and invite Jesus in your home always.

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