18+: Things That Put Off Wives Sexually In Bed

What puts off women off sexually. Please know that that not all of these apply to all ladies at all times, some of these are likable to some whilst hated by others. 

May you talk to your own wife so you know what she likes and dislikes. For now men JUST LISTEN!
Unsatisfied woman sexually
1. A dirty man who smells is a put off
2. Teeth that are not brushed
3. Unwashed male organ
4. Putting all your weight over me
5. Pressing my nipples as if you are turning a switch
6. Biting my nipples or any sensitive part
7. Dripping over saliva when kissing
8. Swelling sweat
9. Going straight for the kill without heavily touching me...fugu ndee!
10. Smelling poop or wee-wee.
11. Touching me un-romantically and too quick like you are sending me to sleep like a baby
12. Speaking in un-romantic ways during the act.
13. Don't ask me too many questions during sex
14. Licking the inside of my ears...ohhh!
15. Two minutes sex...so short!
16. Long nails
17. Answering the phone during sex ... OMG!
18. Cheating, if I just think of your cheating even when having sex it puts off.
19. Farting
20. Just hard deep-thrusting without skill which is painful and not enjoyable.
21. Knowing what time to talk any sensitive issue its not every comment that needs to be passed before sex
22. Women can you please add others...!
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By Apostle Pride Sibiya
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