18+: Things That Put Off Husbands In Bed

Me and mama Anna Tendayi love you good people. Here are a few things that put of men in bed. Not all of them apply to every one, all the time but women, JUST LISTEN!

1. Love without fun
2. Telling me that groceries are spent on the very day
3. Pushing me to finish of the bed game before I want to
4. Always asking me if I still love her
5.Running off to the toilet when I am about to nail it
7. Smelly genitals are a put-off
8. Having sex with your wife who has no movement at all
9. Smelly body, mouth and armpits
10. Smell poo when doing the back act
Unsatisfied man in bed
11. Asking me about issues that need to solutions when in bed
12. Too much Whatsapp when you were preparing to have bed-time
13. Refusing other styles
14. Talking about other men
15. Answering phone while preparing or during sex
16. Not washing genitals and backside properly
17. Whatsapp messages with former lovers
18. Lying and stealing money
19. Entertaining possible suitors
20. Faking orgasm is a no no
21. Having sex with open eyes
22. Utter silence during sex. Eish it kills!
23. A child that wakes up during sex puts me off
24. Pressing my genitals too hard
25. When genitals are too wet
26. Shouting at me before bed
27. Post-natal big tummies
28. Not shaving genitals
29. Old-time panties
30. Farting
31. Men can you please add more here..!
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By Apostle Pride Sibiya
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