18+: Does Size Of Manhood Matter In Bed? Apostle Pride Sibiya Answers

The normal average erect size of an adult varies but many estimate it at 13.15 cm and average circumference of 11.66.  

Greetings good people.

Today I will tackle very briefly on the question that has been raging for many centuries: Does the size of our sexual organs matter during the act? My answer is "yes," and "no!"

No Size Does Not Matter:

Let your dear Apostle start by explaining the "no!" The common saying has been that any gun shoots and any gun can kill whether it is a pistol or A.K 47. Indeed this is virtually a very correct statement because many women complain more about how men treat them and how they use whatever size the Almighty has endowed them with. A woman once said, "a man just needs to know how to use whatever he has."
18+: Does Size Of Manhood Matter In Bed? Apostle Pride Sibiya Answers

Now this is a very important point because biologically speaking most of the female trigger points including the labia minora (smaller lips), clitoris and the G-spot are more on the outer side than the deep seated areas. It then means that without being able to manipulate the above places a woman may still miss orgasm even though she is having the act with a man who is 18cm long. If that one too is not used correctly the only thing she gets is pain. From this perspective then size does not matter at all.

Yes Size Matters:

Many other women also have told men not to listen to the A.K 47 versus pistol arguement saying size is everything. Now listen to me intently. Yes men, size is everything! So should shorter men seek to enlarge their organs? A big NO from Apostle Pride Sibiya.


The most important organ in sex is not the private parts either of men or women or both. The most important is the brain. Size matters in the sense that it defeats some ladies minds with the sense that, "Wow that big, it will do wonders!" This is exactly what happens for you guys when you see big breasts or sitters.

It knocks off your mind. If we can all know that sex is more in the mind we can actually sense that as long as we can contain our minds with the Word and positive thinking size is really not the issue but it is what you think about what you already have in your spouse. A man with a long, short or average organ can equally satisfy their partner if:

  • They show love and consideration for their wife
  • They speak good and romantic words to their spouse
  • Spend time preparing their partners mind by texts, chats, caresses etc
  • Improve on time and quality of foreplay
  • Aim for the wife to be the first to orgasm not yourself
  • Know the places and points that trigger your wife.
  • Lastly, be confident that whatever size God gave you is well able to deliver.

Gentlemen sex is in the mind, go for it refuse to be intimidated by stories you hear, your wife may never be concerned about that. Pray always to God for your marriage and bedroom life. Receive Jesus Christ NOW, go to church and be the man God has designed.

I love you great man.

Apostle Pride Sibiya
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