15 Ways To Keep Your Evangelism Passion High

How does one keep the evangelism passion hot? Let me give you 15 right off the bat. It’s not a linear list and not exhaustive, but here goes:

1. Ask God for the agape-kind of love

2. Keep your relationship with God strong.

3. Read the Scriptures, meditate on them as your day goes on.

4. Enjoy noticing God’s activity around you.
Interpreting The Word
5. Regularly tell others about God’s work in your life.

6. Regularly engage in evangelistic conversations

7. Review them as part of your devotional life.

8. Read evangelism books.

9. Read and comment on evangelism blogs.

10. Participate in the evangelism activity of your local church

11. Share your evangelism stories with others.

12. Join an evangelism coaching group that meets regularly to review conversations.
13.Worship deeply.

14. Pray regularly. Notice the people around you and pray for them.

15. Practice explaining the gospel clearly and simply.
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