Apostle and Mama Meet Women: Things That Our Husbands Do That Frustrate Us! (Part1)

Me and Mamma met with the ladies during the conference. They gave numerous complaints and wished that man should change in these 30 areas: The first 10 being:

1. Learn to appreciate when your wife has done something good. Most man are good at despising and ignoring their wife's efforts, even when they rearrange furniture and make the house appealing they never take time to applaud such.

2. Please we beg of you to finish paying lobola whilst our parents are still alive.

3. Man must also love our relatives and take care of our parents. Learn to look on both sides and stop being biased towards their own parents.

4. Let them also buy new clothes for us. We are crying out for love and are tired of wearing old clothes.
Apostle and Mama Meet Women: Things That Our Husbands Do That Really Get To Us !! (Part1)

5. We also want to be surprised here and there even sweets we would appreciate.

6. Father we are sick and tired of seeing people making love on television, whilst our own husbands ignore our feelings.

7. We only get kisses at couples meetings or when you preach related matters man must change on that.

8. We need to change the inhouse property if finances permit, some of the furniture is no longer appealing.

9. Man must revisit the issue of submission and understand it well because some man are now abusing the word and it's meaning. Some have made their wives slaves in the name of submitting.

10. Our husbands should also buy us inner garments some of what we are wearing are now torn and embarrassing to wear.

Will give you part 2 number 11-20 then lastly part 3 number 21-30

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