A Must Read: She Was Caught Cheating, Now The Dollar Is Against Her!!!!

Once in my village in Goromonzi, a man caught his wife in an act of adultery, and of all the things his reaction shock everyone as he neither filed a case nor scold anyone. 

He just stayed calm and asked the man whom he had caught with his wife to give him a dollar coin ( the one which was part of Zimbabwian currency long ago). Being the culprit he was, and afraid of being beaten, the man handed over the dollar coin to the woman's husband and went away. When the man left, as if nothing had happened the man asked for his wife to cook for him, took his bath and they went to bed.

The man did not even ask his wife what she was doing in their matrimonial bed with that man he kept his calm.
Things not well in this relationship
After two weeks the wife started to complain to her husband that there was no money in the house, she lost her temper and raised her voice in a hush manner as she complained that her husband was incompetent and cared less for the children. The man remained quiet as his wife scolded him, he stayed put and took a dollar coin from his pocket. ( the one he had took from the man he had previously caught in bed with his wife). He started tossing the coin, this was to remind his wife of her deeds. Upon seeing the coin the wife calmed down and was silent.

It came a time when things became unstable in their marriage and the wife confided in her relatives for help. A meeting to settle the differences was called for and the husband came tossing the dollar again, this caused the woman to feel threatened and could not further complain about her husband as she was afraid that the husband would also report her infidelity.
As i get into my story. I have noticed that even in your life, there are things that you have sinned against God which makes the devil to toss a coin when ever you go into the presence of God. The devil is constantly reminding you of your errs, he is always reminding you that you used to be a prostitute, a drunkard..... He constantly does that so that you lose all faith and be hopeless.

In life they are so many people who look down upon us because of our past mistakes, you must make it a point to face the devil and Say , " I know I cannot change my past but I can do something to change my future." You might be hopeless like Ruth, after losing her husband. She perceived her future and refused to let go of her mother inlaw, she confessed that where her mother in-law goes she would also go.

Stop focusing on your past sins, failures and CONFESS THEM BEFORE GOD, RECEIVE JESUS INTO YOUR LIFE, TAKE HIM AS YOUR LORD AND PERSONAL SAVIOUR. Stop dwelling on past failures, whipe your tears so that you might see the clear picture of what tomorrow holds.

You are going very far, you are more than a conquerer. You are not what people say you are, you are only what God says you are!!!!
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