Lovers' Paradise: Here's What Romance Is! Oh Gosh!

Romance is about being romantic. Kana tichiti kuve romantic hatisi kutaura kubata mazamu emukadzi, zvidya kana nhengo yake. That one is mostly called foreplay. 

Kana tichiti being romantic tinoreva kuti going out of your way to express tenderness. Tinoreva kuti your woman means so much to you that there is a side of you that only herself sees and no one else. Tinoreva kuti she is the only one who brings out a part of you no one else can. 

Being romantic means you are busy but you have time for her, nomatter how busy you can be. Being romantic means though you know she might be able to take care of herself, you can do most of the things for her. Being romantic means kubatsira mukitchen here and there just because you love her Achiwacha unomira paside wodzumburudza or even kongava naye achiita basa. Taking just a drive manheru going nowhere, muchingofamba zvenyu seeing the streets and the roads or just walking in the hood towards the evening holding her hand. Kumuvigira kachocolate ke 50c from work.

Romantic couple
Paanoenda kusalon at times you go with her and sit next to her muchitaura nyaya or even reading your book or chatting on app pafoni pako but uri paside pake for the entire 2 hours, 3 hours. 

Holding her handbag muchifamba Sometimes getting on the kombi naye kuenda kuDangamvura kwaanogara iwe uchigara kuChikanga and then coming back wega (for bachelors). Calling her just to say , “I love you Princess.” Making the bed while she bathes.
Telling her to stay in bed while you prepare breakfast with the kids. Kungomupa massage so kana katatu pa week, full body zvako, akanyatso relaxer Stroking her hair while you watch her favourite movie or channel. Wombo spayer deo yake kungoti azvinzwe pauri Allowing her to just go out with the girls just maybe twice a month Allowing her kuita zvese zvaanoziva about sex pasina kunzi wakazvionepi etc.

That is being romantic.

That is the best romance. Mukadzi anogara akatota my dear. Your sex life will always be hot, steamy and the best.

Boys, I know it is a journey, madzimai taurai tinzwe!

By Mike Pasi

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