Why Do Christians Get Cursed? - A Must Read!


People especially Christians wonder why instead of being blessed (since Christians are the most blessed people walking on the earth right now), Christians sometimes live a cursed life (for what a curse is look at my article, What is a curse?)

While a blessing is gotten by one condition thus diligently obeying the voice of God, a curse is gotten by disobedience (Deut 28:1-2, 15-16).

By Apoostle Pride Sibiya
A curse is gotten through disobedience of the statutes of God, his standards. The story of Job is a case in point that demonstrates why Christians can be cursed.

Job's Case, Your Story!

When the devil wanted to attack Job he would see a hedge of protection around Job(1:10). This hedge is what protects us from any curse of the enemy...we need that hedge every-way we go ... may God continually put His hedge around you and all that concerns you! Amen.
Why Do Christians Get Cursed? - A Must Read!
However one day Job himself broke the hedge and exposes himself to the curse of sickness. Fear is not of God and it binds the hand of God and mobilises satan's hand. Job confesses: "The thing I greatly feared is come upon me..."(3:25). Fear opened the door for the curse because Job broke the spiritual hedge. The Bible further explains that in Ecc 10:8: "...he that breaketh a hedge, a serpent shall bite him." The serpent is the devil and if you break the hedge by not obeying God, the devil will strike you.

As a Christian, you cannot be cursed unless there is a reason for that curse to prosper. For Job it was fear, what is it for you? Check with me Proverbs 26:2: "As a bird by wandering, as a swallow by flying, so the curse without a cause shall not come." There must be a cause in your life for a curse to come otherwise I declare that, no weapon forged against you shall prosper! Amen. That is God's will for you!

In my next article I will explore some of the reasons or causes of the resting of curses over your life. For now ask God to forgive you for all disobedience that might have opened doors to the enemy or broken the hedge protecting you.

My prayer is you to live a curse-free life. That is your destiny. Pray, "Lord Jesus, I ask you to enter my heart and please forgive me for all disobedience that has opened doors in my life. Holy Spirit help me to align myself to my father in Heaven, in Jesus' name."

I love you all.

Apostle Pride Sibiya.
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