Who Should I Marry - Apostle Please Help Me!

The subject of marriage is a very sensitive issue that should not be approached anyhow. That a lady is beautiful is not enough reason to settle down in marriage with her – there are many beautiful witches out there.

A guy may be gentle, kind and highly intelligent yet he may be another Satan in disguise. I will be sharing you the kinds of people that you should not marry.

I hope that it will bless you.

1. Don’t marry an unbeliever. An unbeliever is someone who is not born again, he or she does not have salvation experience. 2 Corinthians 6:14-15

This is the foundation of every healthy marriage. The moment the foundation is faulty whatever you’re building on it will one day crash. (Psalm 11:3).

If a man or lady is not born again, he or she is of the devil, the nature of God is not in him or her. If he or she who is not born again does anything that is right, it is a mistake because he doesn’t have the capacity to act right. In the same way if a believer goes wrong, it is a mistake because the nature of Christ in him will never allow him to continue in that.

You cannot predict an unbeliever, he/she will make your life unbearable in marriage since he has nothing that checks him in his heart.

2. Don’t marry anyone who is not teachable. 1 Corinthians 8:2
says “And if anyone thinks that he knows anything, he knows nothing yet as he ought to know.” Anybody who is unteachable will be proud, stubborn, egocentric and rigid. He/she cannot be easily corrected.
Who Should I Marry - Apostle Please Help Me!
The most difficult person to live with is someone who cannot be easily corrected. He/she feels that he is always right while every other person is wrong.

Marriage is a life time school that will require us to keep learning. Marriage is so dynamic that the things that works for you in the first year of your marriage may be the same thing that will work against you in later years that is why nobody ever graduate in the school of marriage.

If you therefore marry someone who thinks he/she knows enough to learn new things that will help your marriage, you’re in a serious problem.

Pride is one of the major attribute of an unteachable person. Pride and destruction are covenant partners (Proverbs 16:18) the meaning is that, such a marriage union is already destroyed even before it started.

Look out for that man/woman who is humble enough to learn new things, a man/ woman who is constantly willing to learn and unlearn, a man or woman who is ready to adapt to whatever is required to enhance success in life and destiny.

3. Don’t marry a man and woman who is not mature. Marriage is not for babies neither is it designed for boys and girls. Marriage is meant for two matured and grown adults (man and woman).

Let me give some definition of maturity that is required to enjoy a good marital life.

1. Maturity is the ability to shoulder responsibility.
- If you marry an irresponsible man or woman then you’re in for a serious mess.
- An irresponsible man or woman is not a serious person.

2. Maturity is ability to view life from a logical perspective.
- This places a demand on the thinking capacity of the man/ woman in question.
- Does he or she put pleasure ahead of work? This and many more gives you an idea of how matured he or she is.

3. Maturity is the ability to master your emotions.
- Anybody who cannot master his/her emotions does not have a future.
- This person you’re thinking of settling down with, how well has he or she been able to master negative emotions like anger, bitterness, malice etc.
- It is dangerous to marry a man/woman who is not emotionally stable and matured.
- I know people who are very destructive when they are angry. You don’t want to marry someone like that.

4. Maturity is ability to put Self under control.
- It is called Self control.
- If you marry a man/woman who does not have self control then you must prepare for polygamy.

5. Maturity is the ability to say “NO” to anything that is against moral ethics without feeling guilty.
- If you marry a woman does not know how to say “NO” one day you will find out that she has slept with all your friends.

6. Maturity is the ability to maintain stability under pressure.
- Mature people are very stable even at the face of terrible situations.
- They maintain stable character and attitude irrespective of what they are confronted with.
- Anybody that can bend rules or manipulate when face with a challenge is a dangerous person to marry.

7. Maturity is the ability to take quality and intelligent decisions under a limited period of time.

8. Maturity is the ability to say “Sorry” even when you’re right.
- Only matured people can say sorry because he/she knows that the aim of any disagreements is not to win but to correct issues that are wrong.

9. Maturity is ability to think before you talk.
- Mature people think about the consequence of there words before they let it out.
- They don’t talk because they feel like talking rather they talk when it is necessary.
You need to look out for maturity in these areas before you settle down in marriage with anyone.
1. Spiritual maturity.
2. Physical maturity.
3. Financial maturity.
4. Emotional maturity.

4. Don’t marry a man orwoman who does not respect you.
- True love and respect accompanies each other. Anywhere you see true love you will also see mutual respect.
- The moment a relationship start moving in the path of disrespect it’s a sign that something is already going wrong.
- I want to say this without any reservations, Don’t every attempt to marry someone who does not respect you.
- Many people have ended in the psychiatric hospital because of this issue we are discussing today because it is something that touches the core of every man’s being.
- If you marry someone who does not respect you, you will become an eternal victim of abuse.

Let me give few signs that a relationship is devoid of mutual respect.
1. He or she always respects other people’s opinions on any issue more than yours.
2. He or she can easily flirt around with some else without hiding it from you.
3. He beats you at any slight provocation.
4. He or she has no regard for you parents and family members.
5. He or she talks to you anyhow even in the public.
6. He or she values the company of his/her friend better than yours.
7. He or she finds it easy to talk you down in the public.

Few things that kills respect in a relationship.
1. Pre-marital Sex.
2. When you stop developing yourself intellectually.
3. When you enter into a relationship without the approval of your parents
4. When your start forcing yourself on your partner.
5. When you take the path of jealousy.

5 Don’t marry a liar.
- A liar is one person that is very dangerous to marry. You can’t predict a liar and you can’t rely on him/her.
- Anybody who can lie to you can sell you one day.
- If you marry a liar, you will live in doubt, confusion, frustration and pains all your life.
- A liar is Satan’s first cousin (John 8:44).
- I notice that many of the times during courtship we often notice this things but we ignore them and explain them away. This is one thing you must not ignore or pretend about whenever notice it in your courtship.
- If you’re dating someone and he/she cannot be straight forward with you then break the relationship until he or she is ready to embrace truthfulness.
- One day in your marriage you might just discover that who he calls his aunt is his secret lover.
- The moment you start any relationship let your partner know that lie is an unpardonable offence.
- Truth helps you to build TRUST. Trust is like a gum that binds two in a relationship.
- I have always said that trust is not a spiritual gift , it is a trait that you consciously build over time.
- A liar does not have any good reputation, the future of a liar is bleak and uncertain.
- Open your eyes, don’t be blinded by emotions, get it straight from the onset because this is the only means through which you can avoid future regrets.
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