READ: "Mai Mwana Muri Tsvigiri!" Husbands/Wives Stick To Your Election Manifesto!

An Election Manifesto is a colorful document that is meant to guide a voter as to which party to vote for. It is a well thought out document, colorful and full of hope, unfortunately soon after elections you don't get to hear about it.

No one cares about it anymore. Likewise some spouses are like Election Manifestos ... They looked good during courtship and once they got married they stopped . they don't care any more about how they look. That's fraud!

So the other night me, wifey and the kids went out for ice-cream at some place in Borrowdale.. I remained in the car while Glory went to buy us ice cream you know she is the finance minister and am the minister of transport kkkkk. 
Keep marital promises
The kids headed for the play ground. Lo and behold the unthinkable happened! A young boy in dropped jeans approached Glory and in no time the boy tried his luck on her and threw in his pick up line. "Yo so how is your Sunday?" She politely responded. "We had a powerful service at church my son" and that was the end of the conversation!!

She came back to the car and narrated her ordeal. My brothers how where you going to respond? We laughed it off and I was happy that my wife at about 40 she still has it, "Mai mwana muritsvigiri!" 

I have always taught that marriage is best defined as a mirror. A mirror is meant to help you look presentable.Likewise in marriage your spouse must improve you and not run you down. You must become more prettier ,more handsome for your spouse. Don't neglect your looks.Strive to look good physically. I know of some who try to look good for their spouses but no one notices. Now that's bad! Your wife spends 2 hours at the salon and you can't even notice the new hairdo? 

No no magents ... Your hubby works himself out at the gym and you can't take note of the emerging 6 no my Sisters!!

Changes do come but let's try to look great! When Adam saw Eve he shouted " flesh of flesh " bone of my bone " he didn't say " spirit if of spirit " or " soul of my soul" let your spouse say the same about your physical appearance, dressing , grooming etc.

My wife and I are spiritual but we understand marriage is also physical and we strive to remain physical in our approach to marriage ... I remember once I had conducted a wedding somewhere and lo and behold a certain popular lady musician who was present at the wedding tried her luck with me! 

Yep weird I know kkkk! The first thing I did when I saw my babe Glory was inform her of my "ordeal" Now openness is very important in marriage, be open about all even these crazy moments when you get a "chaff" up line. So look great for each other and be an open book.

Simba WaGlory!

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