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In the beginning God created the world and all in it. In the midst of it all He created a man, Adam. Having failed to find a suitable help for him, God then caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep. 

Out of Adam God pulled a woman, Eve through his rib.

This means that Eve was always resident in and a part of Adam. However in this state she could not be a suitable help to Adam so she had to be pulled out of Him so as to function properly. When Adam arose from the slumber, he saw Eve for the first time ever and without God’s assistance realised that this before him was: “bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.”
Married Couple
Whilst it was no longer practical for the woman to remain united to the man, as in being the rib in the belly, God always knew that the two could be united in spirit and, in a limited way, flesh. This time around the woman was not to re-enter the man but God gave provision for the man to enter the woman in an act of unity. The man was allowed to enter the woman through her vagina by his penis. The process is what we call sex today. It created a way in which the two could relate to one on a physical, emotional, and more importantly a spiritual level(1 Corinthians 6:15-16) .
So sex is a physical, emotional act and yet it is not just a carnal, adult amusement game. It is just not entertainment. Our sexual organs are much more than adult-toys. Sex is God’s way to reunite the people He separated in the beginning! This is why the Bible tells us that when we indulge in sex with anyone we become one, “…he that is joined to a harlot is one body…” In God’s eyes when you have sex with anyone you have become one flesh. You create what we term a soul-tie(we will talk about this later).

This is why sex ought to be done by a married couple ONLY!

Holla to me and mama!

By Pride Sibiya
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