MUST READ: Marriage Distancer Or Marriage Pursuer?

Are you a DISTANCER or a PURSUER ?

I have noticed that in marriage a spouse may be a distancer or a pursuer. A pursuer in marriage is the one who persues the other.This is the hunter who is always reaching out to the other. The first one to say sorry.
Marriage Distancer Or Marriage Pursuer.
They are the first ones to initiate intimacy whereas a DISTANCER also known as the EVADER normally avoids intimacy.

They keep their partner at arm’s length and often using children, hobbies, work, prayer (yes choosing to go on an indefinite prayer and fasting program) etc as excuses to keep themselves unavailable and always on “Voicemail”. Most men that I know end up being violent once they sense that they are being ignored. 

The Evader or Distancer is also known as a LOVE AVOIDANT!

It’s frustrating for the pursuer to be always the one doing the hunting...One day they will get sick and tired of hunting and they will fall into the hands of a “willing prey.” Glory and I take turns to do the “hunting”. I charge you today that you both pursue each other and not resist your partner. If you have always been the “hunted” make efforts to become the “hunter”

Marriage is boring if one person does all the pursuing. Send him/her an SMS today to start your hunting expedition!

Pastor Simba Woloza
Bishop Pride Sibiya Online
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