Men Only - 11 Types Of Women A Man Should Not Marry!

Prevention is better than cure, this is a old proverb we all know. Marriage is a life time contract and must be observed and handled with care. 

Therefore before saying will you marry to any woman, be on the look for this kind of women and all women should take note, so as to be a better wife material.

Here are eleven type of women you should not marry and the eleventh is very important:

1. The Selfish Woman: Seriously? You would not want to do that, have you thought of your children, would she feed them. This kind of women will be all about their selves, most times there family too, a woman who always want hers first is not ready to be married, as you are all about her, she should be all about you, not when you’re been all about her and she is all about hers, she will run you broke man, she cant build a good home, love is giving, not all about receiving.

2. The Bitter Woman: Hmm… I personally detest this kind of women; they can always make a good day go bad. She just never happy, never pleased, easily angered. Most times this kind of women may had gone through a major break up of recent and may be finding it hard to let any man in, or may have had a rough history, before you can ask this kind of woman into your life you must have dig out the reason for her anger and help her out of it. 

But I beg you if she doesn’t let you in to her heat completely and tell you the root of her anger, don’t even have the thoughts of asking her to marry you. Everyone is fully responsible for the outcome of his or her life and until such a person is ready to move forward, don’t move forward with them o!

3. The Party Freak: No! don’t marry this kind of woman, she have your time or that of your kids. She received at least a invitation or even more every week, and she attend them all, she not the right woman to be brought home, she can’t make a good home
Men Only - 11 Types Of Women A Man Should Not Marry!
4. The Materialistic Women: This kind of woman just can’t keep a good home, she will be probably selfish also, cause she will be concerned about material things, her belongings and always wants what latest in town, she’s not a good wife material herself.

5. A Flirty Woman: A woman who easily say I love you to every man may be a wrong one to associate with, this kind of women makes every man feel she is interested in them, its not not safe, especially if you are the jealous type, most times this habits may even be hard to break even in marriage and you might just loose your grip one day and cause havoc.

6. A Dirty Woman: Women should know there role in the family life and every woman should have done her home work long before coming into marriage, you would not want to get into marriage and now begin to teach your wife how to keep the house clean, or even how to keep herself clean, this is not a good wife material, she should go back and work on herself

7. A Commitment-Phobe: A kind of woman who finds it difficult to stick to one thing, she starts a jobs today, the next month she loose her interest, this woman may be likened to a lazy one, or a vision less woman, a woman should have the ability to focus, with that she can help you as a man achieve your goal and help the children to stay focus to life and destiny, look for visionary woman.

8. An Attention Seeker: This may be as well likened to a selfish woman but may have more emphasis on time, some women may go about with the impression my spouse is not having time for me, most times its because they lack vision and are just lazy sitting in the house looking for attention, when things are to be given attention to and the man goes about that and they also want his full attention, never leave your wife unattended to but if you are the kind of man whom is always busy, don’t dare marry a attention seeker

9. The Gossiper: Some types have women are just know for there gossip, always found all around town with are fellow women gossiping about one thing or the other, you won’t be surprise to know you are the subject of the matter, never marry a gossip woman.

10. A Disrespectful Woman: A woman who doesn’t respect you would not respect anything that concerns you, your family, your friends, your business, women desire love but men desire respect, never marry a woman who can’t give you that that or you’ll end up a nuisance cause she will bring the worst out of you.

11. My most important point on this list A UN-SPIRITUAL WOMAN. This is the foundation to overcome those other point. 

Every woman will possess at least one of those trait to some extent but only a spiritual woman can successfully live above all this. When you meet a woman that is not interested in God or the things that concerns God, don’t dare ask out never less propose to, else you want to die young. 

 A prayer-less woman will put the home in constant pressure because she has been placed by God as a watcher (intercessor) over you and the family never marry a un-spiritual woman.
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