How To Make Your Spouse Want You More!

Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing, especially when you are married, oh that feeling, the freedom to express your love, to go lovey dovey with each other and take romance to the extreme, if there is anything like that

All this sounds good but it’s a far cry for some people. Most married couples stop being romantic to their spouse after some years of marriage.

The excuse of work stress, home cleaning, taking care of the children, if any and lot more.

Let’s go back in time a little, remember when you guy were courting, the romantic moments of being together. I’m sure you loved the thrill and chill of those moments, so why stop when married.

Does your spouse complain that you spend too much time at your work, well the truth is maybe you do. We know the “money” must be made but not at the expense of your spouse or family.

Does your spouse think you are no longer romantic. Well I bring you these 5 love tips to make your spouse want you more. Remember these are just tips, you could try them out or do more, but I tell you these tips work like magic

I bring you the five live languages:

1. Time: For lovers this should be numero uno, by that I mean number 1, top of the list. You’ve got to create time for your spouse even out of your busy schedule. Create time to enjoy the beautiful moments while it lasts

Please spend time with your spouse.

2. Words: There is a saying that words carry life, so speak life to your spouse, I’m not trying to be motivational but you know I’m saying the truth. Everyone likes someone who sweets talk them, not flattery by the way.

Express your love to your spouse with sweet words. Not just words of love but support, encouragement and commitment. Don’t lash at your spouse even when angry. Correct them in love.

You know any word spoken can not be taken back, so be careful with your words.

Have a special time during the day or week, you guys just sit down and talk, talk about life, family, work, any topic of interest. Just talk.

3. Acts: What better way to prove your love than really proving it with actions. you know the special things you did while courting, don’t stop now that you are married, please continue.

Help with house chores, help attend to the needs of the kids, help with office work too if possible, just show you love them by actually showing it
4. Gifts: How do you prove your love without giving, I don’t know which planet you are from, but where I come from. You show your love by giving. Get your spouse gift on their birthdays, anniversaries, and occasionally too.

Surprise him or her with that item they have been wanting to get. Trust me, they will do likewise.

5. Touch: Research has shown that physical touch account most in relationships as a show or prove of love.

Kiss, cuddle and smooch your spouse, but apart from that, hold them when they are weak, in pain or shock. Just hold them and never let go.

That pat at the back, rub on the cheek, or a squeeze of the hand most times speaks volumes than kisses and the likes. So with these 5 tips, we do know and hope that your spouse would want you every second of their life.
How To Make Your Spouse Want You More!
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Written By Pastor Faith Oyedepo
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