Cindy Jacob: The Lady Who Prophesied Spot On On Zimbabwe Does It Again: Here's The Prophecy

May 2018, during the Leaders Seminar held at East-end Hall, Harare Showgrounds.

If my people will come together and pray which you are doing, the Lord will say:

You are going to see incredible things to happen, you are going to see, as you stand for Israel and if the President will move the embassy and bless and accept an Ambassador from Israel the drought will break, there will be such an amazing blessing, many, many, many companies that are trying to decide “will we invest in Zimbabwe or not? What will we do?

And the Lord would say:

You are going to see that I am going to do many surprising things: for this is the season of suddenlies for Zimbabwe, this is the time of acceleration.

So the Lord said it’s the time to rejoice! It is time to look up because He opened heaven and the redemption draws near for the nation,

And the Lord would say:

Look and see the tourism is going to open up: many hotels are going to be built.

The Lord says:

The airport will expand: there will be a big expansion take place and even look to China because China is going to come invest into Zimbabwe and not only build, help with the airport but with the a new sports stadium.

The Lord says:

There is a new thing coming. God says they are going to come from around the world, major corporations and

The Lord would say:
Prophetess Cindy Jacobs

I want to bring a healing to this nation.

But the Lord gives a warning:

If you go to sleep, if you do not stay on point, if you do not keep praying, the Lord says it will go backwards very rapidly. So you must stand, you must intercede, you must be a watchmen and not relax you cannot relax at this hour.

This is a critical hour, I see this like as a woman about to have a baby and the woman is in transition and many times the woman at that time decide “no I do not want to have this baby” but you are going to have the baby, so whether it will be a healthy baby or healthy new nation or not will depend on the Church.

The Church is the deciding factor for this nation. I want to say that again, Pastors: this is the hour that the Lord is putting a great responsibility upon you. Why? Because He trusts you. He trusts you.

Many of you have been through suffering; you have known persecution but doesn’t my word say, says the Lord “Blessed are you when men persecute you and say everything evil about you; rejoice rejoice for so they persecuted the prophets”.

So the Lord would say:

It is the new time! It is the new season!

And the Lord would say:

If you will continue to pray…and notice there is a condition to this- the continuation of prayer meetings.

In fact the Lord is telling me that it’s very important for the 24hr houses of prayer to continue and even greater ones to do.

In fact this is what the Lord is showing me:

You will have like a torch that would be like ah ah you know ah, like the Olympians might use but you know – “electric”, and you will assign different Churches and they will take one week of fasting and prayer.

And the Lord says:
The light must never go out (Leviticus 9). The fire must burn continually on the alter and if the fire burns continually on the alter and you will come into unity and do this, pass the torch Church to Church to Church to Church,

The Holy Spirit says:

That you will keep the open heavens for there is still a great war over Zimbabwe. The Leviathan spirit wants to conquer and divide; even politically, want to say I am of this person and I am this person and for that reason, I am not going to prophecy who should be President as yet and the Lord might tell me to but right now He has told me I feel in my spirit I know, but the Lord told me its time for the people to decide. Its time for you to listen to the Holy Spirit and this is very important.

As a prophet, you never want to control you know, you don’t want to be controlling, you want to be a prophet you want to say what God says but it is very important to be cautious and careful.

But I would say this;

The Lord says that you are coming into a season where I will raise up a leader not a dictator but someone that will give freedom for all…this is a good time.

Referencing from Matthew 28:16-18

Go therefore make a disciple of Zimbabwe; that Zimbabwe should look like heaven. It should be a kingdom nation. A kingdom nation is free from poverty. A kingdom nation is free racism; a kingdom nation is free from even the pain of the past.

Because the Name of the Lord is The Ancient of Days, and so in this season;

He wants to wipe out the pain of the persecution, the exploitation even from colonialism but He wants you to be able to come to such a place of healing which I know is a difficult thing because there has been a lot of injustice but the Lord wants you to come to a place where you can shake the dust of the past off your feet. You not going to be marked by what was yesterday; you remember what was yesterday; the Lord is not saying forget but God says its a new dispensation, it’s a new thing, this is a new nation. God is doing is doing new things. you celebrate your legacy but you are excited about the future. Amen…We celebrate the future but we know the scripture says remember not the former things, I am doing a new thing.

So there will be a day, if you continue to pray (I keep saying that) there will be a day that you will be soooo blessed.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Amen.

One day, if you pray, that will happen in Zimbabwe, it will be 1 Zimbabwe Dollar per 1 United States Dollar.
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