YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Don’t Treat Your Parents Like A Toilet...!

Toilet ummmmh ... when nature calls a person will efficiently seek for a toilet, whole-heartedly. This is a room that gets many visits from people at any given time of the day.

Anyone who visits the toilet is aware of its importance, but as soon as the person gets relief he or she spits in it and goes out never looking back.
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Don’t Treat Your Parents Like A Toilet...!
God is saying that he is tired of being sought after only when one is in a difficult situation. That is why you see that when a PERSON has a PROBLEM he/she has PATIENCE. I for one am aware that when a parent, relative, friend, PASTOR or God is being sought after by a person, something is definitely wrong. When you find people having an all night prayer there is a serious problem. Blessed are you when you seek GOD in this manner.
When you get help you criticize!!! What have you done for your parents recently? Moreover do not forget seeking GOD through Jesus Christ. Go to Church this week!

Money or no money, Jehovah must be praised!
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