You Are Not Inferior - Don't Be Fooled!

When the Americans began a game called WWF (World Wrestling Federation) it was only considered to be a mere American game, but check the name of the game!

It was in their jurisdiction to name it American Wrestling Federation, but they had a world vision. They eyed beyond their borders. And today it has reached global, Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, John Cena Randy Orton, you can name them and you all know them.

Jabez prayed,"Lord bless me and enlarge my territory!" 1 Chronicles 4:10. Although things were not well in Jabez' life, he had a vision beyond his name. He denied to be limited by his name ... Many of us we are limited by what we see ... Instead of putting a big gate that allows free movement of cars in your yard, you put a very same gate that accommodates the wheelbarrow you own. (You can't see beyond the wheelbarrow.) 
Randy Orton
May God help You ...! 

Refuse to be limited by your surroundings ... Be it in your small vending area, place a big banner written "WORLD TOMATOES".... Yes it's all about what you see ... God said to Abraham: "All the land that you see I will give you and your offspring forever." Meaning to say where Abraham's eyes reached that's how far God gave him.
I urge you today to see beyond the geographical barriers ... To see beyond your name ... To see beyond the economic situation ... OUR GOD IS ABLE ... HE WILL TURN YOU FROM A LOCAL CHAMPION TO AN INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION...!


Written By Apostle P. Sibiya
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