To All Ladies - Beware Of The Spirit or Curse Of Hoarding (Keeping Trash!)

Today I want to touch on the issue of women who have the spirit of hoarding- keeping old and useless items in the house. Do not entertain poverty. How do you expect to overcome poverty when you are still holding on to metal plates with rust and tinkering your pots daily.

You have become comfortable with using old empty juice bottles to store water in the fridge. Can’t you really buy a water jug that costs only $1?

That pant from 5 years ago is now torn and resembles a G-string but you still wear it. Is it hard for you to take a $1 and buy 2 new ones and burn that old one?

Written By Apostle Pride Sibiya
Bras that look like baby carry bags; they don’t fit comfortably and can’t support your breast. You have to continuously tuck breasts back into the bra even in public! You still keep them.
To All Ladies - Beware Of The Spirit Of Hoarding (Keeping Trash)
Ladies we are tired of seeing you walking around with old and untidy weaves that look like an owl's nest. If you don't afford nice weaves then get a haircut and keep your neat short hair.

Stop washing your husband’s torn socks every day; he won’t have a choice but to wear them torn like that. A stitch in time saves nine. Once in a while cook a relish of leafy greens or vegetables and tell your husband that you have used the dollar that was meant to buy meat and bought him a pair of socks. He will definitely appreciate you but you don’t think about it because you want to eat meat every day!

These days you can find cheap items, you just need to be organised. Instead you always gossip about your neighbour, insinuating that they are prostitutes because they always dress well. What you don’t know is that when she gets $3 she buys a nice quality blouse from the second hand shop, unlike you, wasting money the same $3 on 3 bottles of Twizza!

Woman, be eager to learn and fix your mindset because it’s never too late...!

If you have learnt something from this, share it with others so they can learn as well.

May God bless you ladies...!!
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