Rev Samson Warns Pastors, Doctors And Nurses. Take Heed!

Pastors, doctors and nurses have one weakness in common: they run around taking care of others, but rarely take care of themselves!

Pastor, slow down and rest.
Doctor, check your own health too.
Nurse, take care of yourself.
There's always something to do.
There's always someone to attend to.
There's always someone to care for.
Unfortunately, in most cases, no one cares for you or about you - including those you care for.
They call you only when they need you.
Please Doctor, please Pastor, please Nurse, take responsibility for your health and wellness.
Don't become part of the statistics of doctors who slump after long hours of duty.
Don't become one of the pastors who slump on the pulpit.
Don't become one of the nurses who die in hospital.
Many Doctors, Pastors and Nurses die because they're overworked.
Rest before you are laid to rest.
Don't go and join the ancestors before your time.

Rev. Samson Supo Ayokunle (PhD)
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