MUST READ: My Guy, Get Rid Of That Knife!!

After walking with Jesus for 3 and half years, we shockingly find Apostle Peter taking out a knife in the garden of Gethsemane and cutting off the ear of Malchus. 

It's very possible that someone can be a senior convert and still be found walking around with a knife. The knife I'm talking about is not the physical knife we all know, but certain behaviours which cause harm to other people. Some have words they speak as their knives, if they tell you one or two words you will be pierced to the heart, deeply hurt and wounded, when it comes to their harsh talk. They talk as if they are possessed. Some gossip, some jealously. These are some of the various knives that others carry around ..!

To make matters worse these characters are rarely displayed you sing , preach, pray and even fellowship together but once things go wrong, there on you discover that all along they have been carrying knives in their pockets. If pushed to the edge by circumstances the knives are easily drown out. Apostles Peter drawing out a knife!!

Do not be a Christian who is easily controlled by anger to the extent of quarrelling or fighting with people. No! We don't wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities. Such circumstances do not need knives Simon Peter. Jesus was supposed to die for people so that we might obtain salvation, so the soldiers came to arrest JESUS in order to crucify him and amongst those soldiers was Malchus the man whom Peter cut with the knife. In the eyes of Peter Malchus is the enemy, but what Peter does not know is that Malchus is actually executing the plan to make JESUS our Savior. Peter did not have a revelation of what God was about to do that's why he cut the ear of Malchus.
Knife can be used as a dangerous weapon

We have pastors with Theologian degrees but without the revelation of what God is about to do and they end up cutting other people's ears, they end up trying to fight the work of God thinking that they are doing well. When Peter cut the ear JESUS did not applause or thank him!! In fact he actually rebuked him. There are times when we do things thinking that we are helping God yet we will be hindering many things. Imagine you; helping God!!!? What help did you give when He was planning the things? Today that's when you want to help! With a knife? Just like the man called Uzzah who tried to help when he saw the ark of covenant about to fall, he died for that(2Samuel6:6-7)

So it's not about blowing things out of proportion trying to solve what is seemingly an error in your eyes but first ask God if your efforts are needed or not. Peter in the garden of Gethsemane failed to pray, instead he was dosing off. He had no strength to pray and yet he found energy to cut someone's ear.

We have certain believers who are weak when it comes to prayer and yet strong when gossiping! They can't read the Bible but invest energy in immoral sites. They can't preach the word but they despise those who preach and the word preach.

Get rid of the knife!!

Remember we are talking about Peter who was there when the transfiguration occurred, who also walked on top of water, who ate the miracle bread, and caught miracle fish, experienced God's power and irregardless of all that still proceeded to cut Malchus' ear.
The most terrifying part is that he walked with Jesus and saw the mighty hand of God and experienced his awesome power and obtained diverse testimonies but still carried a knife along. He still had certain behaviours that were harmful to other Christians.

Get rid of the knife!!

A person hears with the ear, so if you cut the ear you are merely declaring that you don't want that person to hear. So Peter by cutting Malchus we was saying he didn't want Malchus to hear even the word of salvation. Do not be a Christian who hinders others from hearing the message of salvation. Whatever you do that causes someone else not to hear the message of Salvation, is like a knife cutting the ear.

Please get rid of that knife!!!

Any behavior you carry as a Christian which causes harm to other Christian! Is a knife that you have to throw away. Be it cursing, lying, jealous, anything which causes pain to other people is a sword which you must throw away.
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