Ladies Please Read - Ladies Let’s Talk about Marriages

1. Marriage is built by those in it. A wise woman builds her home, but the foolish one plucks hers with her own hands, reads the bible.

2. If you want to be happy ... Happiness begins with you women for you are the one who hold the household together and keep it intact.

3. Men leave us for side chicks because there is no peace in the home. 85% of our generation have no respect towards their husbands.

4. Today I want to tell you that even if you hold an academic degree, marriage is something else.

5. Marriage is a university of its own where you also have to graduate.

6. Never tell your friend about your husband’s weaknesses.
 Ladies Please Read - Ladies Let’s Talk about Marriages
7. Ladies learn to respect; appreciate and admire your husband that's what men want.

8. Talking too much is not a sign of wisdom ladies; there is no man that wants a nagging wife.

9. Ladies you need to pray and act like prayerful people. You see as if prayer doesn’t work because after prayer you start gossiping. Doctor Amai (Mom) taught us to, STOP IT!

10. My sister you need deliverance! Focus on your marriage more than the way you focus on friends. Some of you love your friends more than your husbands.

11 Listen to your husband and do what pleases him not what pleases the man next door.
12. This post is only for those who want their marriages to work; those who proclaim that all men are the same, leave them and let’s see where they end up because there are plenty single women out there looking for marriage.

14. Stop being bitter with your marriage and start praying: Create a happy home for your children. Don’t pass on the baton stick of bitterness to them. Men want to come home to a smiling wife not to an angry and sulking one. The more you treat them like dirt the more they leave. 

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