Convicted - How I Broke The Spirit Of Lust Off Me

We all know that there is a Law of Nature that all humans intrinsically want to uphold. This issue with me was that I only wanted the parts of the law that accommodated all my personal tendencies.

My entire childhood, I was a pretty precocious. I learned to be deceiving before I learned consequences. Today, I’m paying dearly for it.

I began loving soft pornography around the age of 7. This passion continued to develop after years of enthusiastic humping, (clothes on) as well as an equal amount of years hunching, (clothes off).

Never did it cross my mind that what I was experiencing was a generational struggle of perversion.

My sons won’t know this struggle of perversion. They will be taught from a very early age about sex: its purpose, its requirements and its parameters.
Convicted - How I Broke The Spirit Of Lust Off Me
This isn’t the prettiest story, but it’s real. At the age of 18, my mama called and requested that I take 7 days to totally focus on sanctification. “NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY” is what she told me.

No big deal right? I proceeded to knock out the seven days ...!

7 years later at the age of 25, I’m lying in my bed, masturbating and for the first time ever I felt like a nasty bum.

Right there in that moment I cried out to God for help. After 7 years of failing to complete a 7 day process, I had finally done it!

This changed everything.

Prior to this moment, my life was totally filled with unbridled pleasure and and utter disregard for any woman who tried to love me.

I was cold hearted and unbothered. Years of pornography, masturbation, and troves of sex partners had stolen not only my manhood but my humanity.

My testimony?

God can reach us anywhere! We can never go too far for God’s grace to reach us.

This cycle of perversion stops with me! My sons will know my struggle but never experience it firsthand.

What God has done and continues to do in my life is nothing short of a miracle. Where he’s brought me from still amazes me.

I am committed to breaking this cycle over my entire bloodline. And the journey is far from over but it has certainly been a catalyst for many others who are faced with the same struggles.

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