Check These Rotten Reasons For Illicit Sex - Youths and Purity!

Most young people who indulge in pre-marital sex are aware of the law of God about it. They just want to be stubborn. 

Since they know God hates sexual relationships outside marriage, they rationalize their reason for doing it. This is what I call rotten reasons for illicit sex. 

Below Are Some Of The Reasons: 

1. “We will get married very soon”. That you will get married very soon does not make you husband and wife. Sexual relationship in courtship is a sin, even if it happens few hours before solemnization. UNTIL YOU ARE MARRIED, YOU ARE STILL SINGLES, Don’t Do It Until You Say”I Do”. 

2. ”We want to express love to each other” Sex is a wrong way of expressing love in courtship. The best way to express love to your partner in courtship is to keep him/her undefiled; to aid him/her obey God, to aid him/her to live in righteousness. To make your courtship interesting, pray together, attend Christian seminars, study the scriptures together, pray together, take a stroll, admire nature, go on mission trips or visit Christian families together. 
Check These Rotten Reasons For Illicit Sex - Youths and Purity!
3. “We want to be experienced” Premarital sex does not make you experienced in sexual acts. It will only give you wrong information about it while the lady feels used. The guy will feel guilty for disobeying God. 

4. “I did not want him to leave me” Ladies who indulge in pre-marital sex because they do not want to lose their men end up losing not only the men but their integrity and relationship with God. Any man that truly loves you will love to wait after wedding before sex, for TRUE LOVE WAITS.

5. “We need to know whether we are sexually compatible” This is information you do not need. In fact you can’t even know this is a fornicator. God is preparing you for the best; you can only enjoy sex in marriage. Wait for the best. Don’t allow the devil to deceive you in the name of compatibility.

6. “Everybody is doing it” Do not join the multitude to sin. Truly, some people are doing it but certainly not everybody. There are millions of disciplined boys and girls as well as young men and women that are not doing it. These are people who fear God and ready to obey His voice, why can’t you join the company of this disciplined singles? 

7. “I can’t help myself”. Sex is never an emergency action; it is a feeling just like hunger and thirst. God has given you power to handle it. You can’t suffer brain damage because you are not having it. If you see a man or lady that says they cannot help themselves,run away from them for they are as dangerous as serpents. Men and ladies that cannot control themselves are more dangerous than atomic bomb.

8. ”Just this once”. One time doing something wrong, is one time too many. If you go into once, it increases your appetite for it. Before you know it, you destroy your precious life.

9. ”He will marry me”. Some ladies fall into the antics of the devil because men promised them marriage. They are always surprised when these men dump them having satisfied themselves and go for a “better catch.” Do not mortgage your life just because a man promised you marriage, for you will surely live to regret it, most men do discard ladies they’ve slept with.

10. “I want to know whether he is potent” Can you test whether a poison is poisonous or not? I know you won’t. Why trying to test what may earn you tears and gnashing of teeth? Whatever God gives you is the best; take it with joy. 

You will marry a complete man.

Don’t bother your head with unnecessary things.
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