Check These 14 Marriage Nuggets From A Father To Her Son

1. The Husband that beats up his wife is not wise. The designer of Marriage (God) called her your help meet and not your punching bag.

2. The Husband that treats his wife like his housemaid lacks wisdom. She is the mother of your children and demands huge respect from you.

3. The husband that refuses to fulfill his financial responsibility at home while he spent lavishly on girl friends outside simply makes a fool of himself. He that provides not for his home is nothing but a big fool and is worse than an infidel. 

4. The husband that humiliates his wife in front of kids, friends and family is simply but a disgrace to himself. Women are so precious to God, and that was why God carefully made them. 

The woman paid a huge price; she left her family to stay with you. And her decision to drop her father’s name to pick yours is really commendable. 

Check These 14 Marriage Nuggets From A Father To Her Son
5. The husband that makes his home like a military camp is tantamount to playing with fire. No fun, no joke, no play, no- nonsense, he barks at everybody like a Sergeant. The husband that makes himself a lion in the home is a big shame. If you destroy your home, soon you will be the boss of an empty home. 

6. The husband that brings in another woman to rival his wife is not wise at all. When God, the designer of marriage, designs it, he only designed it for a man and a woman, and not for a man and many women. Domestic broils are of frequent occurrence in houses of polygamists if you don’t know. 

7. The husband that does not pull himself away from friends’ influence and advice or even from the control of his mother and father will have himself to blame. 

8. The husband that rejects his wife’s food because he is angry is simply childish. 

9. The husband that sees his wife as a mere cook, dry cleaner, baby making factory is a big joker! 

10. If your children suddenly become more important to you than your wife, you need prayers. 

11. The husband that makes himself so difficult to be talked to is not a wise husband. He who deprives his wife from intimacy and due closeness in marriage is not wise at all. 

12. The husband that has no sorry in his dictionary is playing with fire. He that compares his wife with his former girl friends lacks wisdom 

13. The husband that reports his wife to third parties lacks maturity. He that called his wife horrible names make a mockery of himself. 

14. The husband that confides in his parents rather than his wife is still a babe. He that destroys his wife’s property over a minor argument destroys himself.
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