Cast Off All Your Burdens!!!

A certain old lady boarded a bus carrying a heavy sack. The bus conductor offered a hand as he wanted to put the sack on the bus carrier, but the lady refused to give him. After insisting to no avail the conductor gave up and left the lady with her luggage.

To everyone's surprise's, the lady entered the bus carrying the sack on her head and as she sat she continued to carry it on her head. Others had compassion on her and suggested that she should put the sack in the pavement, but the old lady refused insisting that her luggage would be too heavy for the bus.
Cast Off All Your Burdens!!!
Don't be too quick to laugh at this old lady perhaps you are just the same. God loved us and remembered us with the bus of life, each and everyday the conductors (Pastors who preach the word) are always calling us to submit our luggage but many refuse. The Bible says," praise be to God, the Lord our Savior who daily bears our burdens. " ( Psalm 68:19).

Why are you always stressed? Allow your stress to be placed on the carrier and enjoy the bus in this journey. You constantly spend the whole night crying, yet God does not hear cries but prayers. My friend put your luggage on the carrier. Come to think of what will happen if the bus hits a bump whilst you are carrying your luggage? The pain increases. This is what happens when you carry your own luggage instead of casting all your burdens to the Lord.
Of all the burdens of this world nothing surpasses the burden of sin. Let's pray together now:"Lord Jesus forgive me of all my sins, and remove the burden off me, and sins that are too heavy for me. Wash me with your precious blood, in the name of Jesus. Amen"

"Cast your burdens unto the Lord and he will strengthen you; he will not allow the righteous to be moved." (Psalm55:22). Cast your burdens to him they will never be too heavy for him to carry.

Thank you

And Be In Church..!
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