A Must Read - Your Partner Is Also Beautiful and Good Looking!

Beloved it is true that when you are walking around town you will notice that the shops have better looking shoes than the pair you are wearing but respect the pair you are wearing because it belongs to you.

Do not look down on the dress you are wearing because you have seen a better one in the shop. Especially for you men, it always seems as if there are women who are more beautiful out there than the one you live with. The grass is always greener on the other side. No other woman is better looking than your wife, love her whole heartedly and you will see her beauty as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

For plants to grow well it’s because there are weeded and watered regularly with care. Make sure that your wife dresses well, that she eats well and use nice perfumes and body creams. Be careful not to follow the women that you see around who are too forward and uncultured. Women do not look down upon your husbands who married you; you still live together because they still love you. Had they stopped loving you then they would have left you a long time ago.
A Must Read - Your Partner Is Also Beautiful and Good Looking!
A woman must always look good, maintain a nice hairstyle too. Do not keep untidy hair and end up looking like a witchdoctor that has just finished a chanting session. Be naughty and creative when it comes to perfecting your look. Keeping a hairstyle for too long is a no-no; you don’t want to look like you are carrying a bird’s nest on your head!
Love is like a fire that needs to be natured constantly or else it dies. Make your men to have a longing desire to come home at the end of the day, give them the sweetest kind of love please. Marriage is not easy, when in it; guard it jealously because if you lose it it’s not easy to get it back. Not all days are pleasant and full of harmony in marriage but give each other love always.

The most important thing is to receive Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour this week and start going to church. Marriages come from god! I Apostle have done my part, now share this article and follow me on my Face Book pages.
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