A Must Read - Why Is Your Life So Hard and Painful?

The lion did not look for Samson's father or mother, it went for Samson ... If it wanted meat then Samson's parents were the best people to attack (Judges 14:5) ... coz Samson was just a young man by then ... Do you see where the issue is?, Satan is not foolish, he will not attack people with no power of God in them ...!

The lion only wanted to kill the one who had God's power in him ... Do not despair when satan is fighting you regularly, it shows that you have the spirit or Gift from God in you....some people get it all easy in life because  Satan is not threatened by them, they are not a threat to his kingdom ... But you carry an anointing that is bothering Satan ...That's why he is attacking your marriage, finances, kids, work, relationships, health, ministry, etc... He wants to kill that which God planted in you... But the devil is LIAR ... Just keep pressing on!!
A Must Read - Sei Zvako Zviri Kurwadza

The lion chased after  Samson... At first he ran away as fast as he could,  hiding behind his mother and father but the lion still went after only him (Judges 14)... He ran into the forest and the Lion must have thought it has gotten him since he is the king of the jungle ... But the word of God says, "Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." 1 Peter 5:8 ...
But it got to a point where Samson said ENOUGH is ENOUGH, you have been chasing me for too long... I have tolerated you for too long... he turned around and faced the lion ... with the power invested by God in him, he tore the lion apart into pieces with his bare hands ... I have come to understand that it's time to tell the devil that ENOUGH is ENOUGH ... he has chased after your life for too long now... it's time to make a u-turn, face him, say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and take him head on... satan is not your brother in law - rip him apart... He must  bring back everything that belongs to you that he has taken - ENOUGH is ENOUGH ... DECLARE IT NOW!

Receive Christ as Lord and Saviour, go to church and share this message, you never know how much someone needs it!
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