A MUST READ: Stolen Waters Are Sweet ...!

"Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant!" (Proverbs 9 vs. 17)

Beloved the word of God says water is much sweeter when stolen than when it’s given to unto you. The bread that you eat hiding behind the house is tastier than when you are served at the table.

Men are dying because of stolen water. They forget that this stolen water they are enjoying is the same as that which they left at home. The difference between your wife that you left at home and the woman that you have picked up from the street is that you have stolen the latter hence you are praising her more than your wife.
Stolen Waters Are Sweet ...!
Young men, sleeping with girls before you marry is also sweet but the day that a girl comes to tell you that she is pregnant and wants to stay with you; you will run away and that’s the end stolen love. Girls, undercover dating is sweet but when you are told to go and live with that boy it becomes sour and you will be seen walking together with tension like a policeman walking with a suspected thief.

Women, this is the same love that made you to jump fences at night and run away from your father’s house but today you are saying that the same man you were running to is boring. You have forgotten that you were stubborn when you were being cautioned about it. What is has become different today? This is how stolen bread is pleasant but to be served the same bread it becomes tasteless, stolen water is sweet but be careful not to drink that which is not purified. Jehovah, save our souls.
Jesus Christ is the water of life beloved, Jesus Christ is the bread of life; receive him today as your Lord and Saviour that you may have eternal life, because this world will pass away.

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