The Perfect Woman Exists with Apostle Pride Sibiya

Every man seems to be looking for the right woman, This is expected, because the rate of divorce and broken relationships these days are alarming!

It is very difficult to find the perfect woman, yes! But you don't find a perfect woman, you make a perfect woman. It's a surprise how the characteristics of a perfect woman is not just how much of an "asset" she she can be or how she can cater for a home, but 3Bs that are casually looked at;


External beauty is not all that matters, it's good to find a woman with the right shape, complexion, body size, nose size, height etc.But what happens when she's not internally beautiful. Beauty comes from within, it is better to find a woman with good character, considerate and a pure heart, than one who looks attractive on the outside but ugly on the inside.
The Perfect Woman Exists with Apostle Pride Sibiya
The Bible makes it clear in proverbs chapter 31verse30. If your woman doesn't have this internal beauty, groom her to the point where she is internally attractive!


She's smart, educated, multi talented, has acquired a skill or more, she's submissive ,a homemaker and knows what to do in difficult situations.

But the question goes"what if my woman has little or none of these features? "
Well if you don't find her, make her!  God will not give you a woman that cannot follow.


The best woman is the woman that fears God, she's not religious but spiritual . She prays, she studies her Bible, she has a vision and is highly committed to it. She's not a lukewarm Christian but she's hot and burning for the Lord. The perfect woman is a 'proverbs 31 woman '.
And then another question pops up "how do I make my woman the perfect woman? " Well good news! Here are some Tips on how to turn that wrong woman into right woman!
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