Steward The Prophetic Word - 10 Ways to Steward the Prophetic Words Over Your Life with Apostle P. Sibiya

Often people come and ask me about what to do after they have received a certain word over their life. I have listed ten simple things that everyone can do as they wait for the word to manifest in their lives. 

I hope these points will be helpful to you as you wait on God and the prophetic word over you life - enjoy!

1. Write them down.
2. Assess if they are confirmation or activation words.
3. Confirmation words come to increase your faith, so increase your faith.
Steward The Prophetic Word - 10 Ways to Steward the Prophetic Words Over Your Life with Apostle P. Sibiya
4. Activation words jump-start something inside of you, is there a notable change in your life after that word? Take note of it.
5. If you have gotten a word about the future, figure out what you can be doing now to partner yourself with the word, finish school, lose weight, perfect an area in your life etc.
6. Realize that prophecy requires perseverance. The word of the lord most be tried in your life, especially if it a destiny word. You will have to hang in there.
7. Prophecy requires patience - Learn to grow in character as you wait on the lord for the promise of God.
8. Put up a fight for your prophecy - when life looks like it is about to take the word of the lord from you, fight in prayer, contend in faith and stand on what God has said.

9. Operate out of a thankful heart - be thankful even when you do not see it, it shows God that you trust him.
10. Forget about it - Do not live your life chasing a prophecy, continue to love god, serve him, serve people, grow and sooner or later you will see that you have grown into the prophetic word over your life.

I hope that this encourages you as your process what God is speaking to you today! Remember, there is a process but God is faithful and will see His word come to completion. How have you stewarded the words God has given you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!
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