Sex Is Not Love - You Have Been Warned!

If sex is love then why do people choose to divorce?
If sex is love then how many men are in love with female prostitutes and vice-versa? 
If sex is love then how many people have you had sex with and how many of them are you willing to spend the rest of your life with?

We live in a time when sexuality issues are discussed more openly and frankly than ever before. Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded by sexual images and messages. 

Sex drives both the entertainment and the advertising industry and sex is used to sell anything and everything now. Yet, much of society remains largely ignorant of the subject because so much of our dialogue is based on error and misconceptions. It is a pity that even the “community of believers” is often silent in public forums regarding sex. Even in the church, most guys and ladies brings in this worldly influence and takes sex as normal. It borders me why is virginity becoming an abomination in our society now.
Sex Is Not Love - You Have Been Warned!
In the eyes of the world, sex and love are synonymous. They see sex and love as inseparable, as if there is no difference between them. They say sex is proof of love. A man meets a woman the next thing we know, they are in bed together. This is our “tip off” that they are in love. They must be in love because they are having sex, aren’t they? They go to bed, have their fling, get up the next morning and all is fine. That is the picture the world paints. The truth is it may be fun but it leaves them feeling empty, and often they do not know why.

Why do you feel so excited about someone and immediately after having sex for the first time with that person, you suddenly realize you want nothing to do with such person again; you start avoiding his or her calls. Ladies why will a guy say he loves you so much and ends up sleeping with your best friend if not your sister? Why do you think after you lure him into having sex with you, he still do not want you? Why will he claim to love you and get another person pregnant at the same time? These are questions we need to sit down and answer honestly.

Sex is an appetite, one of many that God built in us when he created us. Appetites can be satisfied and controlled and appetite that is left unsatisfied eventually dies off anyway. Hunger, cravings or whatever you want to call them is subject to our will so also is your sexual appetite- (1 Thess4:3-4).
You can be in love without sex involved. Sex does not prove to you that you are in love. Sex and love are two ways apart. True love is spiritual in nature. Sex is chemical and physical. Love is a spiritual union between two people, a joining of spirit-to-spirit. Sex is fulfilling physical expression of the spiritual joining that is true love according to God. Do you know that God approves sex only within marriage but the world approved sex outside marriage. If true love is spiritual and sex is physical and an appetite, you have to bring it under subjection and let the spirit control the flesh because our spirit is meant to rule over the flesh.

In conclusion, Satan has used sex in this world to destroy the God designed sanctity of marriage, working through people’s desire, insecurities and ignorance. Wisdom is profitable to direct. Your understanding of a thing makes you outstanding.

God bless you.

Adopted From Sam Udoubak's Article
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