Read and Share - Why Small Houses (Mistresses and Concubines) Win: On The Other Hand!


1. A Small House (mistress) knows the needs and desires of your husband and is quick to meet them but on the other hand you don’t!

2. A Small House (mistress) does not sanction sex but you get moody and refuse to have sex with your husband for weeks on end.

3. A Small House (mistress) shows respect to your husband (though fake mostly) to get money and favours from your husband. You will hear them say, “Darling, have you taken your bath?” ... but on the other hand you are always moody!

4. “Can I grill a steak or get you a chilled drink?” but you will just point to where his cold plate of dinner is ... with your feet.

5. You cook dried small fish (kapenta) to get back at him ... or just to fix him!

6. A Small House (mistress) will trim your husband’s toe nails, wipe him dry after a bath, and put baby powder between his toes. But you scold him to move over to the other side of the bed because he is scratching you with his toe nails.

Don't make that mistake.

ON THE OTHER HAND: ... While women (and men too) must improve, us men need to face reality. Cheating has no acceptable excuse! The cause of having a Small House (Mistresses) is that we men and women have allowed Satan into our homes. Men, whether your wife is troublesome or good the ultimate decision is yours. You have the power to decide not to cheat...likewise, regardless of how beautiful and good your wife is you can still cheat if you decide to! Us men have ruined the world...we have ruined our families...we have broken the hearts of our wives...we have ruined our souls...we have tarnished our status! Men let us men-up! A real man is a man who can control his emotions, not whose direction is determined by his erection! Apostle Sibiya says, "Let’s be honourable, asking God to help us be great husbands ... LET US THINK WITH OUR MINDS NOT OTHERWISE. Self-control is the way to go!"

To be a good husband or a good wife begins with accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour. Do it now: "Lord Jesus come into my heart and be Lord and Saviour of my life."

Be in Church this weekend. STOP CHEATING!
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