Parents Check These - 10 Prayers To Declare Over Your Children Daily with Apostle P. Sibiya

One of the main roles of a parent is to pray for their children. Our prayers chart the course of their future. Prayer can go where we can’t. 

We can release the Holy Spirit to be with our children at school, when they are with their friends and anywhere else they may go. Our Job is not to fear our current culture. but to prepare our children to deal with it in power, strength and wisdom. One way we do that is through prayer.

So, here are 10 prayers I pray on a constant basis for my children as I raise them up and send them out into the world as arrows!
Parents Check These - 10 Prayers To Declare Over Your Children Daily with Apostle P. Sibiya
1. I declare that you will know God, love Him and serve Him with all your heart.

2. I declare that the plan of God for your life that was ordained while you were in your mother’s womb will manifest and not be delayed, aborted or forfeited!

3. I declare that the hand of God is on your life, He is with you when you awake and when you lay down to sleep. You will never be alone because you are planted in Him.

4. I release the protection of the Lord over you. I declare that no evil shall befall you. May his angels guard you and preserve you all the days of your life.

5. I declare that you will walk in wisdom, courage and strength. You will speak for the weak and fight for those who can not fight for themselves. You are just, kind and honorable.

6. I release the wisdom of the Lord as you select friends and partnerships. I rebuke any plans of the enemy to bring you associations that will cause you harm and despair.

7. I Bless your marriage; I bless your future wife or husband. May they know God and serve Him with all their hearts. May your marriage be a testimony unto the lord,and your children a legacy of God on earth.

8. I declare that you will excel in all you do, you will have extraordinary favor and the blessings of the Lord will always be before you.

9. I declare that you walk in a sound mind, your body is healthy, your spirit is whole, and you have everything you need that concerns you living a Godly life.

10. I declare that you will be resilient and every difficulty you experience will always draw you closer to God.

It is in Jesus name we pray! Amen ... with Apostle P. Sibiya

Adopted By Apostle P. Sibiya from Dr. Faith Wokoma
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