MUST READ: Mai TT Diaries: 4 Things That Her Marriage Story Confirmed

Fellistas "Mai TT" Maruta has let the cat out of the bag concerning her marital life. Zimbabwe's comedian and socialite celebrity has put up some videos and spoke at length about what she has gone through. 

I do not usually write on personalities but the fact that Mai T.T is a Christian, a towering figure in the nation who has many followers and the fact that she presents what many women are secretly going through has touched my heart.

By Apostle Pride Sibiya
Having followed the videos, I write to let us know what we can learn from her recordings. I do not mean to analyse her speech, condemn or defend any one of the characters in the story. Fellistas is a very strong woman and we are hopeful the Lord will take her through this. A few things I have learnt in life that Mai T.T has just confirmed are:

1. Even The Heroes Cry: Mai T.T has been a blessing to all of Zimbabwe yet she has had a lot, infact she says that some of her jokes were about her life. Good people whether you are a pastor, Christian, politician, teacher, professor or business person, you will always have a certain area of your life that you will need God to show up. Jesus the greatest hero cried on the cross. Mai T.T and all involved need support right now. Judging them will destroy than build and please know today its this hero crying, tomorrow its you!
Fellistas "Mai T.T" Maruta
2. The Fact That You Cry Does Not Mean You Are Less Of A Hero: Watching the broken woman I thought of what people would say after these videos. Mai T.T the act of speaking out is an act of bravery...BRAVO, my lady! While at times emotions got the best of her and she cursed, never look down on anyone unless you are looking to pick them up. In the Bible David constantly spoke out to alleviate his pain. The fact that the woman has spoken should not be used to destroy her. We all cry, yet we remain heroes. "Do not judge a person unless if you have been through their situation, seka urema wafa (laugh at disability after your death)."

3. Lovers Should Never Toy With Other One's Emotions: Emotional sickness is stronger and more dangerous than many physical ailments. For starters God hates divorce. Divorce brings more pain than ever anticipated. All that we have heard is a s a result of a misappropriated love affair. While at times divorce is the only way out, even outside the marriage we should treat one another with the love of God, not necessarily sensual love. Respecting the fact that your ex or former spouse is a child of god and has to move on with life without interfering with their emotions is a great way to start.
4. We Should Always Get Parental Blessing Concerning Marriage And Life: In one of the videos Mai T.T repeats the fact that her mother was not for this marriage...even her mother-in-law. Good people your parents, good or evil, have seen a lot and by virtue of having brought you up are very intuitive concerning your life. Intuition is not an academic thing but a sense that God gives so that people pick things afar of in the spirit realm. Always thank God if you have a parent, biological or spiritual who speaks into your life. One day Mai T.T will speak into T.Ts life as we will also do to our families.

To Mai T.T, I salute you for speaking out, I will not judge you but celebrate your heroic bravery to speak out. I have learnt to always value my wife and respect her emotions as failure to do so is disastrous. We are praying for you and everyone involved. Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy!

All our love!


Apostle Pride Sibiya
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