A MUST READ: 3 Things Pastors Need To Correct As Fast As Yesterday

1. Using Church money without proper record: That you are the senior pastor doesn't mean you should be spending without keeping record.

What if God expand the church, what if intelligent workers comes into the system, what if some cooperative/organizations decide to partner with your ministry and they request for account records?

If you have not been keeping record of money entering your church, please start now.

2. Bringing down your spouse before congregants: There are things you should never permit from people especially those claiming closeness.

Your marriage is your private life, your marriage is not church affair, please keep people away from your marriage especially some busybodies members. You can't call me father and call my wife sister, you can't greet me on your knees and greet my wife standing, you can't excuse me from my wife's presence, my wife is me ... Don't let members look down on your spouse no matter his/her level. Fight anyone who fights your spouse, rebuke them instant and before him/her, let your spouse take her place.
Love your wife
My wife is my first church member, and I love her so.
You don't like her, join other ministry.
Please draw the line and don't let anyone cross it no matter how close.

3. Don't allow I am lead by the spirit people around your ministry: How does your spirit leads you to go on Evangelism on Sunday morning when you are under a leader ?

How does the spirit leads you to be visiting different churches every Sunday?
How does the spirit leads you to engaged to different sisters/brothers in the same church?
Be careful of members/leaders who are always lead by the spirit.

I have seen different people comes around SWORT intl with the word, God spoke to me to join you sir. And at the end they will cause so much trouble, pressurized all our sisters for sex, try to bring division

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