Ministry Lessons From Archbishop Guti On Church's 58th Anniversary

l attended the 58th Anniversary of ZAOGA Forward in Faith Ministries International held here in Sanyati at District Level (12 May 1960-2018; Baba Gut -95 years on 5 May 2018). 

I picked up some key ministry lessons:

1. Value and follow closely the Apostolic Father of your Church to succeed.

2. Persecution, false accusations and difficulties will come to your church whether you like or not.

3. Build a Church culture through teaching, literature and camp-meetings.

4. Build Systems that facilitates growth with few paid ministers and more volunteer ministers.
Ministry Lessons From Archbishop Guti On Church's 58th Anniversary
5. Write and write and write. Literature establishes the church.

6. Teach through repetition and uniformity.

7. Build on faith and the power of God - Anointed Word and testimonies. Help people to come out idleness, poverty and stinginess!

9. Dont fear to talk about money.

10. Holiness, pray and boldness bring success.

11. Be bible-based no-matter the cost.

12. Only appoint Spirit -filled (Tongue talking) leaders.
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