Guys Only: 5 Ways To Stay Attractive To Your Woman

There are so many guys who view maintaining a healthy relationship as a difficult thing because they think it’s hard to please a woman. The truth, however, is that women aren’t difficult to please. 

As long as you remain attractive to her, and do your part, everything should be great. I’ll quickly share some tips to help you have a lasting relationship.

1. MONEY IS RELEVANT: Money is a very important tool in a relationship. Being financially buoyant as a man can make you appear more attractive to your woman than you ever could be. A man with some cool zeros in his account comes off as secure, confident and bold. That is the reason women find them attractive. It isn’t necessarily about making money off you, it’s about them feeling secure around you.
Guys Only: 5 Ways To Stay Attractive To Your Woman!
2. ACT LIKE A MAN: Women don’t like men who trade their responsibilities and roles for fear. As a man, women like you very bold and confident. Never be afraid to speak up on important issues. Do not make her feel like she’s in charge, she wants you to be.

3. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF: Women appreciate men who can look good. Dress right, stay fit, and groom yourself. Women would rather be with a man who appeals to other women than the one that appeals to them only.

4. DON’T ARGUE WITH HER: Sometimes, she starts arguments just so you give her your full attention. You must understand that she expects you to always let her win. Arguing with her just makes you seem desperate. That’s not attractive. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak your mind. Say what you feel, and don’t go back and forth with her.
5. GIVE HER ATTENTION: All a woman really wants from her man is time. You can have all the money in the world, and it’s not enough. The only thing that she can’t get enough of is your time. Spend quality time with her, take her out, give her compliments. These little things are the most important.

Apostle Pride Sibiya says, I know you are reading this article and want to excel in all that you do. Excellence starts with following the real man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Do it now and live a life here on earth and in the world to come! Congratulations woman, you were too curious not to read this ... kikiki!
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