Evil Spiritual Spouses Molest People Sexually Through Dreams - Break Free Today!!

Spiritual Spouses, (popularly known as spirit wife/husband), subjects are very deep spiritual issues that are kept away from millions of Christians today. 

They are specially commissioned by Satan to molest, trouble and scatter good and godly homes, if at all they allow marriage to take place.

I pray that the Almighty God, will open your understanding on this matter, in Jesus name!
Evil Spiritual Spouses Molest People Sexually Through Dreams - Break Free Today!!
Characteristics Of A Spirit Wife &/or Husband:
1. They are spiritual enemies living and sleeping with one.
2. They are very stubborn, aggressive and dangerous.
3. They are terrible enemies with killer moves (They kill joy, peace, health, brain, calling, virtue, marriage etc.)
4. They violate the right of their victims.
5. They also molest their victims with sex in the dream.
6. They are no respecter of race, color, age, tribe, position
7. They are desperate and very wicked in their activities.
8. Spiritual spouse activities are not physical - But the resulting effects are terrible sicknesses, emptiness, and diseases.
9. They turn life dreams into a serious battle.
10. They are specialist in stopping, frustrating and killing marriage with passion.
11. They don’t give up easily.
12. They can entice with physical gifts.
13. Mercy is far from them.
14. Hardly do they miss their target.
15. They may come with familiar faces most of the time.
16. They empower lust and decay in the society.
17. Prostitutes are used as strong bait to hit hard on their target.
18. They can impersonate a physical spouse.
19. Spiritual spouses use dreams to challenge and attack the destiny of man and woman.
20. They are very jealous.
21. They cause disaster on the day of wedding.
22. They attack marriages with divorce.
23. They bind men and women to terrible spiritual marriages that troubles the physical one.
24. They turn joyful homes to battle grounds.
Evil Spiritual Spouses Molest People Sexually Through Dreams - Break Free Today!!
The Entry Points Of Spirit Wives &/or Husbands:
1. They can enter through immorality.
2. It can be through pornography.
3. Spirit wife/husband can be inherited.
4. They can enter through rape.
5. It can be through evil dedication of individuals.
6. They can enter through underwear manipulation.
Evil Spiritual Spouses Molest People Sexually Through Dreams - Break Free Today!!
Signs Of Their Presence:

1. They cause late marriage or no marriage at all.
2. Rejection by opposite sex.
3. Constant sex in the dream.
4. Chains of marital troubles.
5. Miscarriages after sex in the dream.
6. Inability to make love to your wife.
7. Serious pain when preparing to make love.
8. All decisions to remain single.
9. Early menopause.
10. Missing menstrual period in the dream.
11. Having a prolonged pregnancy.
12. Physical disappearance of marriage ring.
13. Loss of job and valuables just after marriage ceremony.
14. When your loving spouse suddenly becomes your enemy.
15. When one is pregnant in the dream.
16. Breast feeding in the dream and even seeing breast secreting milk physically.
17. Inability to conceive 18. Having evil or bad body odor.
19. Constant wet dreams.
20. Nursing children in a dream.
21. Dreaming of weddings.
22. Inability to maintain a holy life.
23. When one is always jilted by a serious partner.
24. Feeling tired every morning.

Overcoming Spirit Husband & Or Wives
- Give your heart to the Lord God, not negotiable. 
- Repent from all inherited and personal sins. 
- Break every soul ties with all spirit spouses. 
- Pray aggressively against their activities in your life, set ablaze their marriage rings, certificates, wedding garments and children, etc. 
- Receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, not negotiable. 
- Determine to live holy, not negotiable. 
- Make Your Bible your best friend by constantly studying and meditating. 
- Add fasting to your prayers. 
- Start doing something in your local church and be dedicated and loyal to the cause of Christ. 
- Go for deliverance, ask your pastor about deliverance and teaching.

Prayer: Father Lord, I thank You for revealing this deep secret to me, in Jesus Name. Blood of Jesus, fire of God, incubate my life now in Jesus name. My foundation, release my destiny by fire, in the name of Jesus. Powers molesting me in the night, crumble in Jesus name. I divorce every spiritual spouse in Jesus name. I break every power of evil dedication operating in my life, in Jesus name. Fires of God, consume every wedding ring, certificate, garment, and children I had with spirit spouse, in Jesus Name. Oh Heavenly Father, fight for me now, in Jesus Name. Anything linking me with a spirit spouse, be destroyed in Jesus Name. Family familiar spirits, troubling my marriage be buried alive in Jesus Name. Hands of Almighty God, deliver me from the powers that vowed to destroy me, in Jesus Name. I recover every good thing stolen by a spiritual spouse, in Jesus Name.

Adopted By Apostle P. Sibiya From - Pastor Samuel Williams
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