6 Signs You’ve Finally Gotten Over Your Emotionally Manipulative Ex

Breaking up with someone can be extremely hard to do. Whether the breakup blindsided you or you saw it coming, moving on in the aftermath can seem like the longest and most difficult road you’ve ever traveled in life. 

Especially if your ex was emotionally manipulative… Regardless of the pain, you may feel, though, you eventually have to move on, but that’s easier said than done after a breakup with a person who was emotionally manipulative. However, the light will definitely show up at the end of the tunnel if you keep yourself grounded in a solid support system and deal with the overwhelming emotions you might feel in a healthy way. When the healing starts to happen, there are clear indicators that show that you are starting to get over the breakup. Here are six good signs that you are finally starting to get over your emotionally manipulative ex.

1. You don’t feel the urge to explode when you see that he’s dating someone else. This is a great signal that your breakup with your manipulative ex is no longer dominating your soul. No matter how unhappy you were deep down inside, seeing him with someone else can will still be painful for awhile. The crazy thing is that when you are dealing with someone who is emotionally manipulative they often find ways to flaunt their new love interest in your face in an attempt to get you back under their control. This is a classic emotional manipulation tactic. Don’t fall for it.

2. You feel as though what you went through made you a better person. This is an excellent sign. Once you begin to see the good things that came from a bad situation you are fully over it. Your true character is revealed during hard times. Yes, it was a bad relationship, but surviving it and getting out of it showed exactly how strong you really are. 
3. You’ve stopped blaming your ex for everything that is wrong in your life. In the immediate aftermath of a brutal breakup, it’s very easy to focus on all that is wrong with your life instead of the silver lining. We can also begin to blame our exes for EVERYTHING that has gone wrong in our lives without taking any responsibility for our own actions. When you’ve gotten past the point of playing the blame game, particularly blaming your ex for things he DIDN’T cause, you are signaling growth as a person and readiness to enjoy the next phase of happiness in your life. 

4. You’re not comparing someone new to your ex anymore. Comparing a new person to someone from your past is not a very emotionally consoling thing to do. This is even the case when you’re talking about something that your new love interest does better than your ex. A comment like, “Wow! You open doors too? He never liked to do stuff like that” is sending the message that your ex is still on your mind in some kind of way. That is not necessarily positive because a new person is trying to get to know YOU, not your ex.

5. You finally view yourself as someone who is single, not as a recovering victim of a bad relationship. This is an excellent sign that you are finally over him and all he’s put you through. After leaving a relationship with an emotional manipulator, you will feel like a victim of abuse for awhile. However, as time goes on the feeling will fade. Once you finally begin to see yourself as just an everyday normal single woman, instead of someone who is a victim of abuse you have definitely moved past the relationship and breakup.

6. You’re beginning to find interest in seeing other people. I guess this is the most obvious sign, right? The feeling of healing you get from finally experiencing a healthy romantic relationship with a new person is definitely enriching. When the storm is over, the beauty of a rainbow is always there. Moving on is definitely easy when you have a great new person in your life that appreciates you for the things your ex took for granted. This is the final sign that you’ve gotten over the person that mistreated you. Conclusion Breaking up is never easy, especially when you’re talking about a breakup with an emotionally manipulative person. If you read these signs and found verification that you have fully recovered from your abusive relationship congratulations to you! You can finally begin to enjoy the rest of your life. On the other hand, though… If you read this and feel like you are still being negatively impacted by the time you spent in your abusive relationship, please remember this: The heartache will go away. The negative feelings will fade. You have to fight through the internal anguish you might be feeling at the moment. You deserve to feel true love and happiness.

Don’t let your ex take that away from you.

Source - blackloveadvice.com
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