5 Qualities Every Woman Wants In A Man ... Are You That Man?

I actually agree that people are different, women as well as men; everyone is unique in the way they reason, in what they want and what they need. 

Inasmuch as women have different personality traits, there is still that balance in what most women would appreciate in a man and this has little or nothing to do with her geographical location, her family background, her race and the rest of it.

When a woman is actually ready to have a real relationship not the hide and seek games some ladies play, there are certain qualities she would really appreciate in her man.

1. LOVE: Love isn’t an emotion that women only desire in movies, most women out there would appreciate a man who can really love them. Most men fake love these days while a lot are a little stone hearted, but these aren’t qualities a woman would appreciate. Every woman wants love, not just love but true love, that kind of love that would make you smile in your heart whenever you think of your man. We understand that when a man is in love, he can go that extra mile to make his lady happy.

2. SENSITIVITY: Love means a lot but it also doesn’t end at loving, sensitivity is also another quality every woman would want in her man. Sensitivity means understanding how a lady feels; when she’s happy, when she’s sad, when she needs someone to talk and a host of other factors. Sensitivity is when a man understands his lady’s emotions.
5 Qualities Every Woman Wants In A Man ... Are You That Man ?
3. COMMITMENT: Most men are scared of commitment while most women need a man who can stay committed to them. Most men would prefer short cuts to getting a lady and would prefer not to take the relationship too serious but I doubt if a lady would admire that quality; every lady would want to get married someday to that dream man, but ironically, only a committed relationship can actually lead to marriage; if the man isn’t committed then the relationship would go nowhere.

4. HONESTY: Okay, let’s take a quick survey in our hearts; which man would appreciate a lady that would be dishonest in her words and action, lie time without number and even lie about her feelings? I doubt if a man would appreciate such traits, likewise women too; every woman out there would appreciate honesty from her man; the more honest he is, the lesser complications in the relationship.

5. THE MAN THAT CAN PAY THE BILLS: While most men would probably not like this but it is the truth. Even a 5-year-old girl would never envision getting married to a man who isn’t well to do; that means somehow money would always be in the picture. A man having that ability to pay some bills is something every lady would admire and that doesn’t make her a gold digger.

6. AFTER MARRIAGE ... A MAN THAT’S GOOD IN BED: Ladies are somewhat coy about putting this among what they would appreciate in their man, but deep down every lady loves a man who would make her feel good in bed. It can be quite frustrating when you have everything you need in your man but you aren’t close to getting what you want in bed. Since we believe in no sex before marriage ... both the man and the woman must be willing to learn in order to develop their sexual prowess.
7. RESPECT: Some relationships are so autocratic that the lady has no say in it; what the man wants is what the man gets and what the lady wants, she hardly gets. Some marriages even share this trait and I feel an overwhelming sadness when I come across such situations; one question I always ask is: is she really happy? From my observations, women in this situation pretend to be happy but deep down they have this mixed reaction and don’t even know what happiness means anymore. Every woman wants a man who would respect her and make decisions with her, not for her.

8. FAITHFULNESS: Yes, faithfulness must always be on this list because this is one thing every lady really wants in her man but one quality that’s rare. Queen Ahneva Adeniyi recently admitted that all men are polygamous, and inasmuch as I beg to differ from her views I must also admit that having a man who’s faithful is actually a rarity, cheating just seems to be the new faithfulness. Every lady wants a man who would stick to her rather than have a go with every other lady out there.

While I must add that there’s no perfect man but every woman would love a man that can be perfect for them. I truly believe that having all these qualities isn’t as difficult as it may seem; everyone has the power to imbibe any quand these qualities are what every woman loves in a man.
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