15 Prayers For Singles To Pray While They Wait For Their Spouse with Apostle P. Sibiya

While waiting for your mate there are many things that you should be doing. Preparing emotionally, financially, spiritually, seeing the world, understanding your purpose and growing in God. 

With all the preparation that is needed, the main areas you want to focus on is: praying for yourself, your spouse and your future together. Below are 15 prayers you can pray and declare daily for you and your future spouse:
15 Prayers For Singles To Pray While They Wait For Their Spouse with Apostle P. Sibiya

1. I declare that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and God has great plans for my life.
2. I declare my identity is not found in success, money or a mate but in being in you Jesus.
3. I declare that I will fulfill the plans of God over my life.
4. I declare I am a man or woman of purpose, honor, and integrity.
5. I declare that I am a suitable mate and will bring favor and honor to my spouse.
6. I declare that my past does not dictate my future relationships.
7. I declare that my past will not detour me but propel me deeper into to God and towards the mate and life he has for me.
8. I declare that I am spiritually, physically and finanically whole; I will bring something to the table.
9. I declare I will not be deceive but with clear mind, wisdom and discernment will be able to know the perfect person God has brought for me.
10. I declare that my marriage and family will prosper.
11. I declare that my mate, wherever he is, is being prepared to be a wonderful and suitable mate for me.
12. I pray for my future spouse’s mind, and that they are rooted and grounded in you.

13. I come against any tactics of the enemy that would come to derail my future spouse and hence causing him to miss our connection.
14. I declare that all those around us will be blessed because of our relationship.
15. I declare that no good thing will the lord withhold from those that love him.
In Jesus name,

Amen ... with Love from Apostle P. and A. Sibiya

Abopted By Apostle P. Sibiya from Dr. Faith Wokoma
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