The Success Story About Emmanuella And Mark Angel - You Need Someone To Achieve Your Dreams!

Mark Angel has been into comedy since 2013, he was only recognized by few people, although his comedy skits are funny and wonderful but he was not excelling as he ought to and he was still struggling with life.

In 2016, Mark Angel discovered Emmanuella, and as she joined Mark Angel Comedy group, the group became popular. Mark Angel comedy won the best comedy of the year, they won the fastest growing YouTube account with above 1 million subscribers.

They were recognized all over the world, they started shooting their comedy skits outside the country, money started flowing and Mark Angel Comedy is the number one Comedy group today.
The Success Story About Emmanuella And Mark Angel
The Success Story About Emmanuella And Mark Angel
A FEW THINGS YOU NEED TO NOTE: Mark Angel was not successful until he found Emmanuella and his dream and destiny manifested. Emmanuella was nobody until she joined Mark Angel Comedy.

Nobody would have known Emmanuella if not for Mark Angel Comedy and Mark Angel comedy wouldn’t have been this popular if not for Emmanuella.

The Lesson: To be Successful in life you need a team of like-minders who are hungry for Success. In life there are people you must not miss, there are some persons you will meet and your life, your business, career, vocation, etc. will take quantum leap.

Some people are struggling with life today because they are yet to locate such people, some have located such people, but they Couldn’t manage the relationship. Some just think they don’t need anybody, that they do it all alone.

Find people that have strength in the area of your weakness to help complement what you are doing. Respect each other’s strength and let it work for you both. Who is that person in your life now or your business, vocation or career you are taking for granted, that you are sure can compliment what you are doing?

Do you think you have not found the person yet? Well, you can start by building yourself then you would attract like minds. You can’t get what you can’t give. If you have done what others are doing yet no progress, look inward, do things slightly different but REMAIN FOCUSED and prayerful.

There is no SUCCESS when we become jack of all trade. If you must make a mark, then do it with just one business and excell!

What you are doing now will take you high someday ...! You don’t just start and leave then expect a miracle ... That person you envy has paid his or her dues. What are you doing to attract the people who will give your business, career, vocation, etc the light you long for…

Don’t Give Up, Not Now… You are closer to your SUCCESS than when you STARTED ...!
In life you need someone to help you achieve your destiny and dreams. Some people are struggling with life today because they are yet to locate their destiny helpers.

I want to pray for you that your destiny helper may locate you in Jesus name! There is somebody reading this post, nothing works for you in life, I pray after today, your destiny helper will locate you in Jesus name. Just as God brought together Mark Angel and Emmanuella, God in that same way will connect you to your destiny helper in Jesus name.


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