Singles Must Read This - When Not To Marry Bhudhi or Sisi

1. Do not marry based on friends recommendations ( it may turn bad or good, think twice before take the decision ) but God leading.

2. Do not marry anyone based on pressure from parents or family members because they will not be there when problems arise in the marriage.

3. Do not rush to say YES because of a man fat account.

4. Do not sell or advertise your body to attract suitors because is only caterpillars that will be attracted to you.

5. Do not rush to conclusion because a prophet said is God' choice, but check if his or her life agrees with the Bible.
SINGLES READ - When Not To Marry Bhudhi or Sisi
6. Do not allow that sweet melodious voice or spotless skin steal your sense of reason. But the inner life of godliness. Choose wrongly will frustrate you.

7. Do not judge a man because of his present economy because his story will soon change for the better.

8. Do not tie the nuptial code based on piety or competition.

9. Do not reject a lady or a man based on his level of education or exposure.
10. Do not be quick to open your legs to that killer of destiny, all because he promise you marriage or gave you ring .

11. Do not marry only because of love, marry because you have make up your mind to settle down and do anything to remain together, remember in run long in marriage, commitment to remain together what will keep you together, it won't be the feeling or love you have for each other during the early age because a lot will happen that may kill off the feeling of love but the decision and commitment will keep you together.
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