Pastor Ashimolowo, Wife Reveal Secrets To Happy Marriage

- Church and anointing is not enough bullet-proof for a successful marriage.

- It’s good to have a fair balance of compatibility and complementary for a good marriage.

- Marriage is about getting, not giving. To build your marriage – GIVE.

- Denial of sex is dangerous. Don’t use fasting and prayer wrongly to defraud one another.

- Couples should both stimulate each other intellectually.

- No marriage ever grows that refuses to feed the future with the manure of the past.

- Spending long time away can destroy homes.

- Good communication is absolutely necessary for successful marriages.

- Lifestyle of a couple determines the financial system they run.
Dorothy and Tomi Ashimolowo
Dorothy and Tomi Ashimolowo
- Marriage would be better of if the couple understood that they are on the same side.

- Know how to manage your relations.

- If you come from a disconnected home, don’t rush into marriage. Heal first

- Give quantity of time at work, quality of time at home.

- No marriage is perfect. You have to work at it.

- Don’t lose your ‘fire’ (love at the beginning).

- Treat your husband or wife with respect. Stop being self-centred.

- Don’t go to bed angry. Resist the temptation to yell.
- You can tell the type of man a husband is when you see his wife

- Admit your faults promptly. Avoid interruptions.

- Learn to listen & empathise.

- Stop sweeping things under the carpet.

- Marriage is not one-sided. It’s not for babies. Both parties should be happy in the relationship.

- Don’t compare your marriage to any other.
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