A Must Read For Men and Women Of God - 15 Foundations Of Failing In God's Ministry!

1. When you pursue PLEASURE and FAME - how many people know me?

2. When you seek the attention of men and not of God.

3. When all you want are numbers and not souls.

4. When you personalize God's people.

5. When you consult juju to function in God's office.

6. When the name of the visionary is magnified above the name of God.

7 When you emphasize one truth of the word neglecting other truths.
8. The pursuit for gain at the expense of Godliness.

9. When you uphold tradition at the expense of God's word.

10. Neglecting the counsel of others.

11. When the sense of LIFE AFTER DEATH has been silenced by pleasures of this world.

12. Wrong associations.

13. When all your interest and focus is on the congregation at the expense of your own soul.

14. When you neglect the attention of your spouse and family.

15. When you can not acknowledge your weaknesses.
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