"Honey We Need To Talk!" - These Words Frightened His Wife - Read This To Find Out What Is Missing In Your Marriage!

"We need to talk" he texted his wife.

She wondered what was wrong, men rarely use that "We need to talk" line.

"Is everything alright?" she asked.

"Let's talk when we get home" he texted back.

"You're scaring me" she replied.

"Is there something you should be scared of?" he texted her.

She called his phone, he didn't pick up.

She got home after work, anxious.

She stretched her hand to open the door, the door opened before her. Her husband opened the door. She looked at him dressed in linen, wearing his smile. Soft music was playing, the house was warm, it felt pregnant with romance.

"Hi love, welcome home" he said as he kissed her lips.

She stood there at the door surprised. He took her handbad and placed it on the seat. He closed the door behind her, knelt down to help her remove her heels. All she could do was smile. Something about a woman being served brightens up her face no matter how busy her day has been.

He gently placed her heels next to the door. He removed her coat, placed it on the sofa, he unbuttoned her blouse.

"The kids!?" she said.

"The kids are at their grandma. Sleeping over at my mom's"

He took her hand and led her to the sofa. He made her recline on the sofa. He placed a towel that stood at the table on his lap, placed her feet on his lap, took a warm towel that was in a basin next to the sofa and wiped her feet. She looked at him giggling covering her face.

"I love you" he said.

She felt those three words go through her entire body.

"I love you too" she said smiling.

"You said we need to talk?" she asked.

"Yes, tell me how your day has been, how is your heart, how are you?" he asked.

"You mean there is nothing wrong?" she asked.

"No, there is everything right. You are the right woman for me. I just wanted to talk with my wife. I miss you, I really miss you. Even though we sleep on the same bed, it feels like we don't really talk" said he.
"Honey We Need To Talk!" - These Words Frightened His Wife - Read This To Find Out What Is Missing In Your Marriage!
A message came on her phone that she was holding, a Facebook message alert. He took her phone and threw it on the next sofa. He said, "Today my love, no Facebook, no TV, no children, no cooking"

"No cooking?" she asked.

"Yes, I ordered take away. It's in the kitchen" he answered.

"Wow! You had this all figured out" said she.

"Darling, I strategize at work to get profits, surely, I can strategize to please my wife" he said.

She relaxed on the sofa.

"Your hairline is receding" she said.

He looked at her.

"You mean married life has been so busy I haven't had time to look at your face in such a long time; I mean really look at your face. You are quite a handsome man" said she.

"You know how to pick them huh? You got taste in men" he teased her.

She paused and looked at the man she loves as he rubbed her feet.

She told him how her day has been, they shared thoughts, they laughed, they reminisced, she opened up about a painful part in her life and teared up, he opened up about his frustrations as a man... they prayed. Some things about your spouse you will never know until you two create ample time to talk.

He served her dinner, they ate remembering their dating season, there was a spark in their eyes, they went to shower together, washing each other's body, he saw the spot where she burnt her skin while cooking three weeks ago and kissed that spot.

They turned off the music and the lights, they got to bed and had an intimate pillow talk. There they told each other how much they love each other. They cuddled, their toes danced together. He talked to her until she fell asleep. He kissed her forehead, watched her sleep then he rested too. No making love because all he had done was not some sweet acts to get sex but because he wanted to connect with her much deeper. So many women feel that a man only puts his best effort when he wants sex.

In the morning, there was a glow about her. She looked like a loved up woman. He had missed watering her heart with love, "I need to do this more" he thought to himself.

Maybe all your marriage needs is for you two to talk; not sex, not arguments, not complains, just talk!
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